Tuesday October 4th


Exhibición Room

Interpretation and transcription

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Opening ceremony

Alejandro Guzmán (Chairman of the LACNIC Board)  Video
Ariel Weher (Chairman of the LACNOG Board)
Lía Solís (Member of the ISOC Bolivia Chapter)
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IPv6: Past, Present and Future

As part of the activities marking LACNIC's 20th anniversary, we organized this panel on IPv6 to provide a space for dialogue among the different actors who are part of the technical community. In this one-hour space, the panelists will go over some of the challenges, experiences and anecdotes that have occurred in the field of IPv6 over these twenty years and share their vision for the future.

Moderator: Carlos Martínez- Cagnazzo   Video
Douglas Fisher (Made4IT)  
Leslie Daigle (Global Cyber Alliance)  
Sandra Jaque (Universidad de Chile)  
Uesley Correa (Telecom Entrenamientos)  

Panel: 10 Years Creating Interconnections

Since their inception, Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) have become a key part of Internet development. In the region, traffic is exchanged at approximately 100 locations, which began to be deployed a little over 20 years ago. Within the framework of the 10th anniversary of LAC-IX, the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Exchange Point Operators Association organized this panel to go over the most important stages in the life of the organization, as well as other aspects that have promoted its creation and development.

Moderator: Gabriel Adonaylo (LAC-IX)   Video
Milton Kaoru Kashiwakura (IX.BR)  
Christian O’Flaherty (Internet Society)  
Guillermo Cicileo (LACNIC)  
Mauricio Oviedo (LAC-IX)  
Carmen Denis Polanco (IXSY)  
Salvador Bertenbreiter (Perú IX)  
Carlos Sanabria (PIT Bolivia)  
Pablo Ruidiaz (Intered Panamá)  
11.30 Break

Keynote: Superpowers for the Next 10 Years of LACNIC

In this presentation, our keynote speaker will talk about what we can do so that LACNIC can continue to grow and create a vibrant community and will share some of the "superpowers" of organizations that achieve this growth.

Gerry will also talk about:

  • Tools that will allow being part of a community to increase our personal well-being,
  • How to innovate to grow in a world where restrictions abound, and
  • How to take risks in an everchanging world.
Gerry Garbulsky Presentation Video
13.00 Break      

Policies that Made History

The policies defined by the community through the Policy Development Process have a substantial impact on the administration of Internet resources and directly affect network operation as well as how routing and security are managed. As part of the activities organized to mark LACNIC's 20th anniversary, Nicolás Antoniello, former chair of the Policy Development Process and author of global policies, will moderate this panel which will go over some of the policies that have had the greatest impact in the region. 

Moderator: Nicolás Antoniello   Video
Christian O´Flaherty  
Ricardo Patara  
Evandro Varonil  
Edmundo Cázarez López  

Wednesday October 5th, 16.30 a 17.00 

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The Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is a LACNIC initiative to distinguish experienced professionals in the Latin America and Caribbean Internet ecosystem and to promote values such as collaborative work, innovation and promotion of a common vision for Internet development in the region.


Technology Time

Moderator: Carlos Ortiz   Video
MiLACNIC Security Reports Module
This presentation will show the information that can be accessed through the MiLACNIC security module, the projects that provide this information, and how this data can help network and/or system administrators.
Guillermo Pereyra Presentation
Open-Source Election System
Presentation of LACNIC's open-source solution for online voting. Because transparency is one of the key requirements for any reliable election process, LACNIC has opened up the code of its voting system to clarify how the software works and provide a tool that is fully configurable and extensible so that any third party can use it to conduct their own elections.
Gerardo Rada Presentation 
Anycast DNS & BGP Collectors
Presentation of LACNIC's initiatives related to the deployment of anycast servers for reverse zone DNS and BGP route collectors to study regional traffic.
Guillermo Cicileo Presentation
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