Session for New Participants

Session for those who are attending a LACNIC-LACNOG event for the first time.

Public Policy Forum

LACNIC's Public Policy Forum is where proposals regarding the rules or policies for Internet resource management to be applied in Latin America and the Caribbean are presented, discussed and approved. The forum is open to the public and anyone interested in doing so may participate.

This forum is also an interactive space where LACNIC presents its activity reports and the regional community discusses relevant technical issues.


The Latin American and Caribbean Computer Security Incident Response Teams Meeting has become a workspace for Latin American and Caribbean actors to share security-related issues. This sharing of knowledge among the participants aims at strengthening the region in terms of computer security incident prevention and impact mitigation. (By invitation only)

LAC-IX Meeting

Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Association of Internet Exchange Point Operators. (By invitation only)



Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Forum.
The purpose of this forum is to discuss and exchange technical information and experiences in network operation and infrastructure development. The forum promotes the discussion of technical implementation issues and operational practices among members of the Latin American and Caribbean community.


LACTLD Technical Workshop - 25-26 September

LACTLD is a non-profit organization that groups country code top-level domain administrators of Latin America and the Caribbean. Its goal is to strengthen the development of skills and capabilities and to promote cooperation among its members.
To do so, each year LACTLD organizes three workshops — a Commercial Workshop, a Legal and Policy Workshop, and a Technical Workshop — where members meet to discuss issues of regional and global interest.

Session for Sponsored Participants

Session for participants who have benefitted from LACNIC's financial assistance program.

LACNIC Runners

This message is to invite you to join the LACNIC runners group. This time, we will share some time running/walking in Rosario’s “costanera”.
The group will meet on Wednesday September 26th at 6:30 am, at the Ros Tower Hotel lobby.
To keep up with the latest news from the LACNIC runners group, join the mailing list at: