Azael Fernández Alcántara

Azael Fernández obtained his Engineering degree from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), where he is in charge of the Emerging Network Technologies Lab (NETLab), and testing equipment and technologies such as IPv6, IPSec, PLC, WDM, MIPv6, VoIP, RFID, SDN, IoT, and others. Azael is responsible for IPv6 and SDN task forces and projects, and coordinates the IPv6 working groups at CUDI and CLARA. He is also responsible for the Mexican chapter of the IPv6 Forum, chairs the FLIP6 Forum and is part of its evaluation committee, and moderates LACNIC's IPv6 LACTF mailing list. He has participated in the commissioning of projects such as RedUNAM IPv6, IPv6 deployment in RedCUDI and RedCLARA, and the design and operation of DeMeCAR (Delta Metropolitana de Supercómputo, now LANCAD) deploying their own fiber optic network in the city's metro lines. Azael is currently working on the "RedUNAM Metropolitana" project, which seeks to interconnect UNAM facilities with their own last mile technologies.