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Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Forum.

The purpose of this forum is to discuss and exchange technical information and experiences in network operation and infrastructure development. The forum promotes the discussion of technical implementation issues and operational practices among members of the Latin American and Caribbean community.

Foro de Operadores de Redes de Latinoamérica y el Caribe. 

Foro de Operadores de Redes de Latinoamérica y el Caribe. 

Tuesday October 4th, 15:00 - 18:00

Time Title Speakers    Presentation  
15.00 Workshop: Introduction to VXLAN and EVPN Ariel Weher Presentation Video

Thursday October 6, 9:00 - 18:00

Time Title Speakers    Presentation  
09.00 Opening Ceremony - LACNOG Board Ariel Weher Presentation Video
Erika Vega
09.15 Keynote Presentation: BGP Community, the Forgotten Attribute Tomás Lynch Presentation Video
10:00 An Interesting Change is Coming to BGP - RFC 9234 Alejandro Acosta Presentation Video
10:30 Peering Automation at Meta Jenny Ramseyer   Video
Diego Domínguez Presentation
Talía Mares  
11.00 Break      
11:30 Criteria for the Proper Behavior of IXP Participants Douglas Fischer Presentation Video
12:00 IXP Yucatan: Challenges and Opportunities from the the Point of View of the IXSY Community Gilberto Burgos de Santiago Presentation Video
Carmen Denis Polanco
12:30 Interconnection of On-Premises Datacenters and Cloud Service Providers with High Availability and Security Wilson Lopes Presentation Video
13.00 Lunch  
14:00 DNSSEC Automation with the CDS Record Hugo Salgado Presentation Video
14:30 Low Earth Orbit Satellites (LEOs) Christian O’Flaherty Presentation Video
15:00 Why Should Network Operators Consider IoT Traffic? Gustavo Mercado Presentation Video
Marcela Orbiscay
15:30 The Identification of DDoS Attacks in Software Defined Networks for IoT Devices Josué Genaro Almaraz Rivera Presentation Video
16.00 Break  
16:30 Basic Security Measures for Networks Eduardo Barasal Morales Presentation Video
17:00 Use of Elasticsearch in Telco Networks César Alejandro Macias Duarte Presentation Video

Friday October 7, 9:00 - 13:00

Time Title Speakers    Presentation  
09.00 Panel - Small ISPs in the Region of Latin America and the Caribbean: Realities and Challenges Moderator: Hernán Moguilevsky   Video  
Omar Ortiz COTAP (Bolivia)  
Leandro Ríos CLEARNET S.A. (Argentina)  
John Guerrero APPIT (Chile)  
Douglas Fischer (Brasil)  
10.00 Lightning Talks:       
MQTT in Embedded Systems Gerardo Huerta Robles Presentation Video
Configuring IPv6 in PPPoE Mikrotik - 3 Steps Uesley Correa Presentation Video
MANRS Primers Nayreth González Presentation Video
You run out of excuses, it’s time to monitor your BGP and RPKI operations Massimo Candela Presentation Video
Porcentajes de Tráfico de contenido para ISP Latinoamericano Carlos Florez Presentation Video
Q&A     Video
12.00 Latin American and Caribbean network operators groups Moderator: Christian O'Flaherty   Video     
  Moderator: Carlos Martínez  
  Nayreth González  
  Hernán Moguilevsky  
  Lía Solís  
  Rubens Kuhl  
LACNOG: Update on the Incorporation Ariel Weher Presentation Video
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