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Tuesday 3, May 2022

Time Title    Speakers    Presentation Video
9.00 Opening Alejandro Guzmán, LACNIC'S Board of Directors President   Video
Señor Alcalde Jorge Iván Ospina  
9.40 Panel: A Journey across the Four Technical Dimensions of the Internet 

In 2021, LACNIC and APNIC conducted a study on the technical factors considered when designing the Internet and which continue to be essential for its operation. This study identified four dimensions to the technical success of the Internet: it is scalable, flexible, adaptable, and resilient.

This webinar will go over these four dimensions from a more technical and historical perspective.

Oscar Robles
Alejandro Adamowicz  
Alvaro Retana  
Cristine Hoepers  
Ariel Graizer  
10.40 Study of the legitimacy of the RIRs in the South Oscar Robles  Presentation Video
10.45 Report: Actions with the LACNIC Community Laura Kaplan Presentation Video

Thursday 5, May 2022

Hora Título    Oradores    Presentation Video
9.30 Updates from LACNOG Working Groups      
14:55    Internet of Things (IoT) Marcela Orbiscay Presentation Video
Gustavo Mercado
IETF Juliana Guerra Presentation Video
Best Current Operational Practices (BCOP) Ariel Weher  Presentation Video
15.30 Convocatoria FRIDA, oportunidades de financiamiento de proyectos técnicos Alessia Zucchetti Presentation Video
16.00 Receso
16.30 Premiados Frida 2021 Alessia Zucchetti   Video
Andrés Azpúrua  
Ricardo Guevara  
Carlos Balam Quiñones   
16.45 Technology Time      
Internet Measurement Platforms:

An introduction to RIPE ATLAS probes, a regional update, and an invitation to deploy these probes so that we can have better Internet measurements in our region.
Elisa Peirano Presentation Video
MiLACNIC Security Information Module:

A presentation of the information available through the MiLACNIC security module, the projects that provide this information, and how this data can help network and/or system administrators.
Guillermo Pereyra Presentation
New Modules on MiLACNIC (Beta Services)

A presentation of the Beta/Tools space available on MiLACNIC, a module that streamlines the solutions that LACNIC can offer its members through its new tools.
Gerardo Rada Presentation
17.50 IPv6 Challenge Azael Fernández Presentation  Video
Alejandro Acosta

Friday 6, May 2022

Kahoot challenge

Friday 6, May

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Time   Title    Speakers    Presentation Video
9.30 Opening Remarks and Information from the LACNOG Board

Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Forum.

The purpose of this forum is to discuss and exchange technical information and experiences in network operation and infrastructure development. The forum promotes the discussion of technical implementation issues and operational practices among members of the Latin American and Caribbean community.

Ariel Weher (LACNOG Chair) Presentation   Video
9.40 Guest presentations      
Botnet C & Cs Q4 2021 Fabricio Pessôa
Matthew Stith 
Presentation  Video
Proposed Best Practices RFC for Remote Peering Leonardo Cesar Almeida Presentation  Video
10.30 LACNOG Closing Remarks     Video
10.45 LACNIC 37 Wrap-Up     Video
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