Public Policy Forum

Tuesday, October 6, 2020
Time UTC   Speakers   Proposals Presentation
17.00 Opening Remarks - LACNIC Staff     Presentation
  Dynamics of the Online Public Policy Forum Tomás Lynch
Ariel Weher
  Policy Forum Agenda Tomás Lynch
Ariel Weher
 17:24 LAC-2019-7: PDP Chair Election Procedure Jordi Palet Martínez LAC-2019-7 Presentation
 18:07 LAC-2020-8: Add a short descriptor to policy proposal identification codes Hugo Salgado LAC-2020-8 Presentation
 18:27 LAC-2020-3: Impact Analysis Is Mandatory Jordi Palet Martínez LAC-2020-3 Presentation 
 19:10 LAC-2020-5: Adoption of policy proposals for discussion at the Public Policy Forum, Discussion List and call for consensus as working documents Arturo Servín LAC-2020-5 Presentation
 19:30 LAC-2020-7: Modification of the PDP to improve the quality of proposals and increase participation in the policy development process Alejandro Guzmán
Esteban Lescano
LAC-2020-7 Presentation
  Closing of the Open Policy Forum Tomás Lynch
Ariel Weher

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Simultaneous interpretation and transcription will be provided into Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Public Policy Forum

LACNIC's Public Policy Forum is where proposals regarding the rules or policies for Internet resource management to be applied in Latin America and the Caribbean are presented, discussed and approved. The forum is open to the public and anyone interested in doing so may participate.