LACNIC stand

During the event, LACNIC will set up a virtual stand to address the questions that participants or their organizations may have in relation to their membership or topics such as of IPv6 deployment, resources requests, inter- and intra-regional IPv4 address transfers, funds for innovation programs (FRIDA), computer security incident response teams (CSIRT LACNIC), and the organization's new Internet Routing Registry service.

Anyone interested in receiving first-hand information on these topics should enter at our stand and reserve a time slot to participate in the activity. The person responsible for each meeting will contact the interested parties with a link of to their personal meeting, which will last 20 minutes.

You can also email your questions directly to the persons responsible for each of these activities. To do so, please contact us at the email addresses listed in the table below.

To email your questions:

TOPIC Contact
IPv6 Deployment Alejandro Acosta:
LACNIC’s Internet Routing Registry Guillermo Cicileo:
Billing and Membership,
CSIRT – AMPARO Workshops Graciela Martínez:
FRIDA Program Clara Cremona:
Resource Requests / IPv4 Exhaustion and Transfers