How to Participate in the Sessions

The LACNIC 33 event will be held using Zoom video conferencing. Simultaneous transcription will be provided in the original language. Exceptionally, during the Public Policy Forum, the briefing for LACNIC Members and the LACNIC Community and the Technical Forum, simultaneous transcription into Spanish, English and Portuguese will be offered.

To join the sessions, you must be registered for the event so you can receive the information via email. Click here to register.

During the week-long LACNIC 33 event, you will receive daily emails containing the information you will need to attend the different sessions (Zoom link, session ID and password). The subject of these emails will be “LACNIC 33 Online Program” (if you can't find them, remember to check your spam folder).

Zoom User Guide

Download the Zoom app on your computer. If you are participating through your cell phone or tablet, you must download the Zoom app on your mobile device. 

To join a session, you will need the session's URL or the meeting ID. You will receive the URL of each session daily via email, for which you must first be registered here.

To participate from your computer:

  • To join a session, you must click on the link you received via email. Remember that each session will begin at the scheduled time.

To participate from your mobile device:

  • Open the app and enter the meeting ID you received via email.

If you chose to participate from your mobile device, remember you will not be able to simultaneously see the transcripts that will be provided live. However, a copy of the transcripts will be maintained on the event website. 

Using Zoom audio

The system will offer you the option to join the audio conference from your computer or to view the dial-in number.

Select Join Audio by Computer. You can also select Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting if you'd like Zoom to automatically connect using your computer audio each time you join a Zoom meeting.

Simultaneous Transcription

The sessions will be transcribed live during the event. This transcription will be available on the event website, under the corresponding menu. Once you click on the transcription link, a new window will open where the texts will appear. 

Transcripts in languages other than the one used by the speaker are provided solely to support participants in their understanding of the presentations. They do not constitute evidence and should not be considered official versions.

What will session dynamics be like?

Each session will have a master of ceremonies who will present the day's sessions and explain the specific dynamics for attendees to participate.

There will also be a secretary who will receive any questions or comments submitted using the chat feature and the Q&A space. 

When submitting a question or comment, please enter your name and the name of the organization you represent, as this will allow us to bring greater transparency to the session.

Event Schedule

The times in the schedule are UTC times. You can download the program and add it to your calendar with the times updated to your local time zone.

Code of Conduct

Just as in the case of face-to-face events, the standards of behavior defined in the LACNIC Community Code of Conduct will apply to this online event. This seeks to guarantee that the activity will be carried out in an environment that is inclusive, safe and free of discrimination and/or violence of any kind.

The Code of Conduct is available here.

LACNIC Events App

As usual, the LACNIC Events app will be available for LACNIC 33. Download the app from the Apple store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)
Among other features, the app will allow you to network with other participants, keep up with the latest news, and rate the speakers.

Use the web interface of the LACNIC Events app to interact from your computer.

More information: