Registration fee and payment

The registration fee for LACNIC 32 – LACNOG 2019 is USD 300 (Three hundred American Dollars). You may register and pay online with credit or debit card. Special discount is USD 200 (two hundred American Dollars) available if you register and make your payment by September 7th, 2019. The registration fee includes the cost of attending the social events.

Partial assistance

In this event you may opt for partial assistance (between one and three days). The cost of the daily registration - One day Pass is 50 USD.

The meeting is free of charge for organizations that are LACNIC members. Two people representing each organization may attend the meeting free of charge. To obtain this benefit, the associate members shall enter an exemption code that will be emailed previously. Additional people who attend the event will be charged with the registration fee.

(LACNIC members are those organizations with IP addresses allocated directly by LACNIC or through the National Internet Registries).

Speakers, invited guests, sponsors, and staff members from RIRs, ASO AC, and ICANN are also free of charge.

To proceed with online payment by credit or debit card, once registered for the event, click on "Online Payment" and follow the procedure.

Category Fee
General Participant

Full event (5 days) USD 300

Full event (5 days) USD 200 before September 7th

Partial assistance - One Day Pass USD 50

LACNIC members (up to 2 persons), Speakers, Invited Guests, *Sponsors, Staff members of ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC, RIPE NCC, AFRINIC, ASO AC, ICANN. FREE   

*Sponsors: depending on the sponsorship category, a limited number of people will be free of charge to attend the meeting.