Agenda LACNIC 31

Room: Gran Salón Bávaro

Simultaneous interpretation into English and Portuguese will be available 

Tuesday, May 7 08.30 - 10.30

  LACNIC Session
08.45 Opening Ceremony
Wardner Maia (LACNIC), Nelson Guillén Bello (Indotel), Ernesto Bojórquez (LACTLD), Ariel Graizer (LAC-IX)
09.30 LACNIC Update
Oscar Robles, Executive Director LACNIC


09.50 Keynote
Radia Perlman
“Thoughts on the Internet”
This presentation will address the positive transformations that the Internet has brought to society (global market, Wikipedia) as well as the negatives (scams, polarizing societies, fake news), among others. In addition, various technical topics will be covered (networks, TCP / IP IPv6) and the contrasts between theory and practice in cases of DNS certifications will be discussed.   

Tuesday, May 7 11.30 - 13.00

  Public Policy Forum  
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11.30 Opening remarks and presentation of the Policy Forum agenda
Paola Pérez (Chair of the Public Policy Forum), Ariel Weher (Chair of the Public Policy Forum)   
11.40 Mejoras de Politícas 2019
Gianina Pensky
11.55 Políticas en otros RIRs
Marco Schmidt  (RIPE NCC Policy Development Officer)
Srinivas Chendi (APNIC Senior Advisor – Policy and Community Development)
  Gianina Pensky
  Marco Schmidt 
  Marco Schmidt 
12.15 Proposals LAC-2018-13: Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for the Policy List
Jordi Palet, Edwin Salazar

  Impact Analysis LAC-2018-13
Gianina Pensky
12.35 Proposals LAC-2018-7: Clarifications of Sub-Assignments
Jordi Palet

  Impact Analysis LAC-2018-7
Gianina Pensky
12.45 Open mic  

Tuesday, May 7 14.00 - 16.00

  Public Policy Forum  
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14.00 Proposals LAC 2019-5: BGP Hijacking is a Policy Violation
Carlos Friacas, Jordi Palet, Fernando Frediani   

  Impact Analysis LAC 2019-5
Gianina Pensky
14.40 Proposals LAC 2018-14: Inter-RIR Transfer Policy
Jordi Palet, Edwin Salazar, Edmundo Cázarez

  Impact Analysis LAC 2018-14
Gianina Pensky
15.00 Proposals LAC 2019-1: IPv4 Resource Transfer Policy (comprehensive)
Jordi Palet, Edwin Salazar, Edmundo Cázarez
  Impact Analysis LAC 2019-1
Gianina Pensky
15.20 LAC-2019-6: Los recursos se asignan de forma única y exclusiva
Carlos Friacas, Jordi Palet, Fernando Frediani

15.40 LAC-2019-7: Procedimiento Electoral (Moderadores PDP)
Jordi Palet

Tuesday, May 7 16.30 - 18.00 

16.30 LACNIC Member Assembly  
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  Oscar Robles, LACNIC      
  Diego Mena, LACNIC

Wednesday, May 8 09.00 - 11.00 

  Public Policy Forum  
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09.00 Proposals LAC 2019-2: IPv4 Mergers, Acquisitions, Reorganizations and Relocations
Jordi Palet, Edwin Salazar, Edmundo Cázarez

  Impact Analysis LAC 2019-2
Gianina Pensky
09.20 Proposals LAC 2019-3: IPv6 Mergers, Acquisitions, Reorganizations and Relocations
Jordi Palet, Edwin Salazar, Edmundo Cázarez

  Impact Analysis LAC 2019-3
Gianina Pensky
09.40 Proposals LAC 2019-4: ASN Fusiones, Adquisiciones, reorganizciones y reubicaciones
Jordi Palet, Edwin Salazar, Edmundo Cázarez

  Impact Analysis LAC 2019-4
Gianina Pensky
10.00 Proposals LAC-2018-5: Registration and validation of abuse contact
Jordi Palet

  Impact Analysis LAC 2018-5
Gianina Pensky   
10.35 Open mic  

Wednesday, May 8 11.30 - 13.00

  LACNIC Technical Forum  
11.30 Introduction to the LACNIC Technical Forum
LTF Program Committee   

11.45 Keynote: Real-world Security issues in a public cloud
Charlie Kaufman

12.30 UpDown RPKI LACNIC
Carlos Ortíz

12.45 Together, It's Possible. The Cost Sharing Paradigm
Glenn Peace

Wednesday, May 8 14.00 - 16.00

  LACNIC Technical Forum  
14.00 Prefix List Automation in BGP Peering. How to Do It and Its Importance
Douglas Fischer   

14.30 A CDN as a Telescope
Sree Priyanka Uppu, Marcel Flores

14.45 DNS Privacy
Fernando Gont

15.15 Interoperability in IoT
Gustavo Mercado

15.30 RIPE NCC Information Services for Operators
Agustín Formoso

Wednesday, May 8 16.30 - 18.00

  LACNIC Technical Forum  
16.30 BSDRP - A softrouter option with FRR
Junior Corazza   

17.00 RIPE Atlas Virtual Machine Anchors
Michela Galante

17.15 12 Steps for IPv6 Deployment in Governments and Enterprises
Jordi Palet

17.45 Anouncement of the Winners of the IPv6 Challenge  

Thursday, May 9 09.00 - 11.00

  LACNIC Technical Forum  
9.00 Automation of Networks and Services Using Devops
Arian Trujillo Díaz   

09.30 The Importance of IPv6 for the Future of Online Games
Eduardo Barasal Morales

09.45 Slicing in SDN/NFV Networks to Optimize Resources
Davis Oliveira

10.15 DNS Flag Day - Experience and Early Results
Carlos Martinez Cagnazzo, Hugo Salgado

10.30 Identifying Open Resolvers in IPv6
Alejandro Acosta, Darío Gómez

Thursday, May 9 11.30 - 13.00

  LACNIC Technical Forum  
11.30 Active Defense strategies to mitigate RAT Malware incidents
Eduardo Chavarro Ovalle   

12.00 464XLAT in Cable Networks
Alejandro D'Egidio

12.30 BGP Routing Security 2019 Update
Job Snijders

Thursday, May 9 14.00 - 16.00

  LACNIC Technical Forum  
14.00 Growth of Botnets Worldwide
Luciano Minuchin   

Yazmín Suárez

14.45 Route Filtering @ AS15169
Arturo Servín

15.15 Trends in 400G Optics for the Data Center
Christian Urricariet, Andre Guimaraes
  Andre Guimaraes
  Christian Urricariet
15.30 Withstanding the Infinite: DDoS Defense in the Terabit Era
Julio Arruda

Thursday, May 9 16.30 - 18.00

  LACNIC Session  
16.30 Book: The Development of the LACNIC Community
Oscar Robles (LACNIC), Carolina Aguerre, Christian O´Flaherty (ISOC), Lito Ibarra (ICANN), Ernesto Bojórquez (LACTLD)
16.45 Campus LACNIC
Gianina Pensky   

17.00 Panel: Strengthening Regional Internet Infrastructure

As part of its vision, LACNIC seeks to strengthen a single, open, stable and secure Internet at the service of the development of Latin America and the Caribbean. To do so, it supports various programs that promote the creation of technical infrastructure and capacity-building throughout the region. This panel will present some of these programs from the point of view of the participating organizations: the +RAICES project for the deployment of root server copies, the AMPARO project for supporting the creation of CSIRTs, the IPv6 Challenge that recognizes IPv6 adoption in the region, and the Interconnection Workshops that promote an enhanced Internet in each country.

Moderator: Guillermo Cicileo
Panelist: Alejandra Moreno (Transtelco, +Raices), Carmen Denis (UADY, IPv6 Challenge) Lizania Perez (Indotel, AMPARO Workshops), Wanda Perez (ISOC-DO, Interconnection Workshops)


Friday, May 10 09.00 - 11.15

  LACNIC Session
09.00 Building Community - RIR Experiences  
Sofía Silva

John Curran

Michela Galante   

  IANA Updates
Kim Davies

  ASO Update
Ricardo Patara, Jorge Villa

  NRO Update
Oscar Robles

10.00 LACNIC Community: Promoting Internet Development in LAC with regional partners

The goal of this panel is to share the initiatives that LACNIC is carrying out together with community organizations to promote regional Internet development.
The panel will present four initiatives: LACNIC on The Move, the organization's itinerant events; LACNIC Campus, the organization's e-learning platform; Ayitic Goes Global, a gender and capacity-building initiative, and the FRIDA awards and grants program.
The panel’s cross-cutting topic will be the development of digital skills and techniques among the community to promote Internet use throughout the region and the consolidation of a more stable, secure and robust network.

Moderator: Carolina Caeiro (LACNIC)
Ayitic Goes Global: Marlene Sam (Ecole Superieure d'Infotronique d'Haiti) and Louis Jr Bien-Aimé (Facilitator, Ayitic Goes Global).
FRIDA: Atalaya Sur (Argentina), Community Network. Manuela Gonzáles Ursi.
LACNIC On The Move: Clara Collado (
LACNIC Campus: Carmen Denis (UADY)


Friday, May 10 11.45 - 13.00

  LACNIC Session     
11.45 Internet Pioneers Panel

To mark the 50th anniversary of the first packet sent over the Internet, we have invited regional Internet pioneers to share their experiences in the early days of the Internet.

Moderator: Tomas Lynch
Panelists: Lito Ibarra (El Salvador), Peter Harrison (Jamaica), Demi Getschko (Brazil), Daniel Trujillo (Mexico)

Friday, May 10 14.00 - 16.00

14:00 Welcome and institutional presentation of LACNOG
Structure of the organization
Currently active mailing lists
New members of the Board and Program Committee

14:15 Peering Forum Task Force
Arturo Servín
LAC-AAWG and BCOP Task Force
Lucimara Desidera
14:30 Edge Traffic Control at Facebook
Diego Domínguez (Facebook)
15:00 MSDC Architecture at LinkedIn
Ernesto Ovcharenko (LinkedIn)
15:30 CloudFlare's RPKI Validator
Louis Pounsignon (CloudFlare)   

Friday, May 10 16.30 - 18.00

  LACNIC Session
  Event Statistics
Martín Mañana, Alejandro Acosta
  Announcement of LACNIC 32
  Closing Ceremony