Welcome to LACNIC 31, one of the most important Internet events in the region that brings together experts and representatives of academia, civil society, the private sector, governments, and the telecommunications industry.

The meeting will be hosted by the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (INDOTEL) and will take place at the Barceló Bávaro Beach Convention Center, located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, from May 6 to 10, 2019.

The event will include tutorials and panels with renowned speakers who will address topics such as IPv4 address exhaustion, major challenges to IPv6 adoption in the LAC region, security, and many others.

In addition, it will be held the second edition of the LACNIC Technical Forum, a space within LACNIC's annual events created for the international community to share their experiences, work and initiatives related to various technical aspects of a central topic: Internet development in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.