How to Complete a Successful IPv4 Transfer

Wednesday 26 / Room: Vanzo / 14.00 - 16.00
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How to Complete a Successful IPv4 Transfer

LACNIC has been aware of the need to provide more information on IPv4 resource transfers for some time. 

With this in mind, this panel seeks to offer LACNIC members relevant information on IPv4 transfers in Latin America and the Caribbean and to share the experiences of other Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).

The panel will include experts from the RIRs that allow IPv4 transfers and representatives of organizations that facilitate these processes.

The panel will address relevant aspects to support those who are thinking of transferring IPv4 addresses.


  • Andrea Cima (RIPE)
  • George Kuo (APNIC)
  • John Sweeting (ARIN)  
  • Nacho Mateo (IPbroker, España)
  • Penelope O’Leary (Addrex)


  • Alfredo Verderosa (LACNIC)   

This session is open to anyone wishing to participate. Live streaming will be available.

  Sergio Rojas (LACNIC)
  John Sweeting (ARIN) 
  Penelope O’Leary (Addrex)
  Andrea Cima (RIPE)
  Nacho Mateo (IPbroker, España)
  George Kuo (APNIC)