Tuesday 1 / 1 - 4 Room / 08.30 - 11.00
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08:30 Opening Ceremony
Ing. Wardner Maia (LACNIC), Ing. Irvin A. Halman (AIG), Ing. Ariel Graizer (LAC-IX)
09:00 Keynote Presentation: Some Predictions about IPv4, IPv6, and Your Boss
Lee Howard

Engineers in many companies believe they need to deploy IPv6, but have trouble influencing management. Different companies have different priorities, and managers' incentives are not always the same as the company's. It is possible to build a data-driven business case for any company, based on its priorities. We will look at metrics to evaluate risk, competitiveness, and cost, briefly examine emerging opportunities, and help to set the priority for IPv6 relative to other company priorities.
  Lee Howard   
10.00 Panel: IPv6 Deployment Strategies
Panelists: Alejandro D'Egidio (Telecentro), Miguel Álvarez (Ufinet), Enzo Picero (Grupo ZGH SpA)
Moderator: Alejandro Acosta (LACNIC)
  Alejandro D'Egidio
  Enzo Picero
  Miguel Álvarez


Wednesday 2 / 1 - 4 Room / 15.40 - 16.00
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15.40 ASO Review: Information Session
Wednesday 2 / 1 - 4 Room / 16.30 - 18.00
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16:30 Global Routing Security - Challenges & Solutions
Job Snijders

Abstract: The Internet relies on a complex routing ecosystem that is composed of the interconnections between our Autonomous Systems (ASNs). An under-exposed aspect of routing is the security of the routing system itself. From time to time routing incidents even make headlines in the newspapers – some incidents are caused by misconfigurations and some by malicious activities. We all play an important role in protecting each other. In this talk we'll cover how BGP filters can be created to protect business operations, and what technical challenges lay ahead of us.          
17.00 Initiatives for Collecting BGP Data
Carlos Martínez, Sofía Silva, Massimo Candela, Guillermo Cicileo
  Carlos Martínez
  Slofía Silva
  Massimo Candela
  Guillermo Cicileo


Thursday 3 / 1 - 4 Room / 09.00 - 11.00
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RIR Updates
AfriNIC Update
APNIC Update, Sofía Silva
ARIN Update, John Curran
RIPE NCC Update, Marco Schmidt


Sofía Silva


John Curran


Marco Schmidt


IANA Update
Andrés Pavez


ASO AC Update
Jorge Villa, Ricardo Patara

09.55 NRO Update
Paul Wilson

IPv4 Exhaustion Phase Update
Sergio Rojas.

This presentation will detail the current state of IPv4 Exhaustion Phase 3 and provide an estimate of the pool available for this phase.


IPv4 Transfers in the Region
Sergio Rojas.

In addition to an update on IPv4 block transfers in the region, a new service listing potential IPv4 transfers will be presented.

10.30 Anouncement of the Winners of the IPv6 Challenge
Alejandro Acosta, Azael Fernández


Friday 4 / 1 - 4 Room / 11.30 - 13.00
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11.30 Programa FRIDA
Guillermo Cicileo
11.50 Campus LACNIC
Guillermo Cicileo
12.00 Presentacion de programa +RAICES y llamado a interesados
Guillermo Cicileo
12.10 Presentación Programa Líderes
Kevon Swift
12.25 Event Statistics
12.35 Announcement of LACNIC 30
12.40 Closing Ceremony