Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Forum.

The purpose of this forum is to discuss and exchange technical information and experiences in network operation and infrastructure development. The forum promotes the discussion of technical implementation issues and operational practices among members of the Latin American and Caribbean community.

Wednesday 13, October 2021

Time UTC Title  Speaker       Presentation Video
14:00 LACNOG Institutional Session: Board and Working Groups Ariel Weher Presentation
Narda Erika Vega Valenzuela
14:15 Panel: “Elements No Network Should Do Without”Moderators: Carlos Martinez/Nicolas Antoniello Moderator: Carlos Martinez
Panelist: Nicolas Antoniello  
Panelist: Gonzalo Escuder  
Panelist: Lía Solís  
14:50 Break   
15:05 400G ZR - The Holy Grail of Optical Transport Tiago Setti Presentation
15:30 Classification of Newly Registered Domains through Passive DNS Leandro Marcos da Silva Presentation
Time UTC Title  Speaker       Presentation Video
17:00 Measuring the Internet Resilience Kevin Chege Presentation
Amreesh Phokeer
17:25 Current Status of Connectivity in Latin America Anahí Rebatta Presentation
17:50 Break   
18:05 IETF IoT Protocols Nicolás Fiumarelli Presentation
18:18 Operational Implications of IPv6 Packets with Extension Headers Fernando Gont Presentation
18:30 The Antarctic Utopia Horacio Martínez Presentation
18:55 Break   
19:10 Enhancing Ping and Traceroute Ron Bonica Presentation
Gopi Kalepalli 
19:35 A Year Like No Other: DDoS in a Time of Pandemic Roland Dobbins Presentation

Friday 15, October 2021

Time UTC  Title Speaker      Presentación Video
14:00 Vulnerability Management with Open Source Tools Sergio Gabriel Uncos Presentation
14:25 It Is Time to Replace MD5 for BGP Authentication with TCP-AO Melchior Aelmans Presentation
14:50 Break   
15:05 Impact of the Continuity and Maintenance of MANRS Best Practices Emmanuel Serrano Presentation
15:17 Bye Bye NATmeter Alejandro Acosta Presentation
15:30 Panel: "The Daily Life of a Network Operator"  Moderator: Tomas Lynch Presentation
Jaime Olmos de la Cruz  
Christian Cojitambo Terán  

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Friday 15, October 2021
15:55 (UTC)

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