Public Policy Forum

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

LACNIC's Public Policy Forum is a space for presenting and discussing the policies to be applied in our region for managing Internet number resources. It is an open forum where anyone interested in doing so may participate.

Time UTC Title Speaker    Proposal Presentation Video
17:00 Opening Remarks - LACNIC Staff        
17:03 Chairs of the PDP Presentation Ariel Weher   Presentation  
Tomás Lynch    
17:18 LAC-2018-13 v6: Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for the Policy List - N/D Jordi Palet LAC-2018-13 v6 Presentation
17:54 LAC-2021-6 v1: Modify the PDP to improve the quality of proposals and participation in the policy development process Lía Solís LAC-2021-6 v1 Presentation
Arturo Servín
18:30 Break        
18:45 LAC-2021-5 v1: Update End-User and End-Site Definitions - N/A Jordi Palet LAC-2021-5 v1 Presentation
19:21 LAC-2021-4 v1: Permission to Transfer and Non-Return of Resources Jordi Palet LAC-2021-4 v1 Presentation
20:00 Break        
20:15 Table Comparing the Chair Election Process in LAC-2019-7 v8 and LAC-2020-9 v4 Moderadores PDP
20:57 Closing of the Open Policy Forum        
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