ROA Creation Contest

Thursday October 14, 2021

14:00 - 15:55 UTC Time 

Organized by: LACNOG Routing, Training, and NOG Working Groups, with the support of ISOC, LACNIC, and LAC-IX

When and where: During the entire week of the event, including some accompanying sessions such as the Interconnection and Routing Security Tutorial (Monday at 18:00 UTC) and the session scheduled for Thursday 14 October (14:00 to 15:55 UTC)

What you will need: Access credentials to login to Mi LACNIC or the resource management systems of or where you will be able to create your ROAs.

Description of the activity:

Seeking to promote RPKI adoption to further strengthen the routing system in our region, we have organized a contest to encourage network operators and other organizations to create Route Origin Authorizations (ROAs) for their networks.

During the week of the LACNIC 36 LACNOG 2021 event, we hope to encourage participating organizations to create ROAs. Prizes will be presented to the participants who manage to protect the highest percentage of their prefixes with RPKI. We will also take advantage of the Interconnection and Routing Security Tutorial and Thursday's session to show participants how to create ROAs, how they are used, and their role within the global validation scheme. 

How to participate in the contest:

  1. Register for the contest by completing the following form: Register now.

    Note: Any network operator or organization which has been assigned IPv4 and IPv6 addresses by LACNIC,, or may register for the contest.

  1. Validate the addresses that have been assigned to your organization and how they are being announced. This information will be used to sign your resources and create your ROAs.

  2. Attend the Interconnection and Routing Security Tutorial or the session scheduled for Thursday, 14 October, where we will be helping participants create their own ROAs and answering any questions they may have.

    Note: To create your ROAs, you will need your access credentials to login to Mi LACNIC or the resource management systems of or

  1. Sign your resources!! Take advantage of the sessions to ask any questions you may have and start creating your ROAs.

  2. Attend the closing ceremony. There will be prizes for the five persons/organizations that create the highest percentage of ROAs during these five days. The winners will be announced at the event closing ceremony.

If you have any questions about this activity, feel free to contact

Kahoot challenge

Thursday October 14, 2021
15:55 (UTC)

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