Open Policy Forum

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Tuesday May 5, 2020   

Time UTC

17.00 - 18.50


Open Policy Forum

LACNIC's Public Policy Forum is where proposals regarding the rules or policies for Internet resource management to be applied in Latin America and the Caribbean are presented, discussed and approved. The forum is open to the public and anyone interested in doing so may participate.

Time UTC   Speakers Proposal    Presentation
17.00 Opening Remarks LACNIC Staff    
17.05 Dynamics of the Online Public Policy Forum Chairs of the PDP:
Ariel Weher
Tomás Lynch
17.10 Policy Forum Agenda Ariel Weher
Tomás Lynch
17.15 LAC-2019-7: PDP Chair Election Procedure v5 Jordi Palet Martínez Proposal Presentation
17.22 Impact Analysis Sergio Rojas   Presentation
17.26 Questions      
17.36 Poll: Room Temperature      
17.40 Break      
17.50 Announcement: Forum Continues LACNIC Staff    
17.53 LAC-2019-11: Eliminate the ASN Requirement for End Users v1 Edmundo Cázarez-López    Proposal Presentation
18.00 Impact Analysis Sergio Rojas   Presentation
18.04 Questions      
18.15 Poll: Room Temperature      
18.20 LAC-2019-12: RPKI ASN 0 ROA v2 Ricardo Patara
Aftab Sidiqui
Proposal Presentation
18.27 Impact Analysis Sergio Rojas   Presentation
18.31 Questions      
18.40 Poll: Room Temperature      
18.45 Ratification of Co-Chair Elections      
18.50 Open Microphone      
18.53 Closing of the Open Policy Forum      

Transcriptions will be provided in Spanish, English and Portuguese*.

 *The transcripts are provided solely to support participants in their understanding of the presentations. They do not constitute evidence and should not be considered official versions.