LACNIC Member Assembly

The General Assembly, acting in concordance with the bylaws, is the sovereign organ of the institution. It is made up of all members of the institution who are entitled to participate in it, and will take any decisions of interest to the membership, adjusting to the bylaws and any legal and regulatory norms which may be applicable. (article 12, chapter IV)        

There shall be two types of General Member Assemblies: Ordinary and Extraordinary. Ordinary Member Assemblies shall be held once a year, within the first six months following the closing of the fiscal year, the date for which has been set as 31st December. These Assemblies shall:

  1. Consider, approve or modify the annual report, general balance sheet, inventory, expense and income account, and the report presented by the Fiscal Commission;
  2. Establish membership fees and determine procedures for their update when necessary. These procedures shall be implemented by the Board of Directors, including payment deadlines, the transitional regime in case of modifications to membership fees, as well as discounts, benefits, rebates, fines in case of failure to pay such membership fees, and financing of membership fees;
  3. Consider any other matters included in the agenda, provided they are within the competence of the Ordinary Member Assembly;
  4. Consider any matter proposed by no less than 20% of members and submitted to the Board of Directors within thirty days of the closing of the fiscal year.

All other matters, including modifications to the Bylaws, shall be addressed during General Extraordinary Assemblies. (article 13, chapter IV)

With the anticipation foreseen in article 15 (article 15, chapter IV), the list of members with voting rights will be exhibited to all members, who may present any claims up to 5 days prior to the act, and which must be resolved within the following 2 days. Those members whom, although they may be behind in their membership quota payments, and who have not lost their member status, will not be excluded from this list, although they may be prevented from participating in the Assembly if they have not made their due payments prior to the date of the Assembly. (article 18, chapter IV)

We would like to remember that the organizations with the right to vote are the Founding Members and the Active A Members. The current list of members for this assembly is:

Our members


The Adherent Members participate in the General Member Assembly without the right to vote.

Below you will find the documents to be addressed during the Ordinary Assembly. This year, there are no extraordinary items to address.

Call for LACNIC Ordinary Member Assembly:

Members of the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry (LACNIC) are invited to the LACNIC Ordinary Member Assembly to be held on 7 May 2019, first notice at 16:00, second notice at 16:30 hours, at the Barceló Bávaro Beach Resort Convention Center, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.


From the following links, you will access the necessary documents for participating in the assembly:

* The power of attorney can be sent by mail to or presented during the event before receiving the voting material.

The person responsible for voting in the assembly or sign the power of attorney on behalf of the organization is the membership contact listed in our database (LACNIC – Nic Brasil – Nic México).

Do not know who your representative is? Please, contact LACNIC through

In cases where the membership contact is not a real person or is no longer more in the company, the responsible to sign the power of attorney will be a legal representative of the organization (and it will be necessary to send a document that proves that he/she is legally entitled to sign on behalf of the organization).

Highlighted info:

Remember that in case the current membership contact signs the letter, that data can not be altered in the database until the Assembly is completed.

Voting process:

Members authorized to vote are those who pick up their material at the event's registration desk prior to the Ordinary Assembly and are present in the room during the assembly.

Download the brochure on how to vote at the LACNIC Members Assembly

Watch the explanatory video - available in Spanish only(the Assembly will have simultaneous translation).


Oscar Robles, LACNIC

Diego Mena, LACNIC