Childcare Services

LACNIC announces that, in order to make it easier for parents with children to participate, the Barceló Bávaro Resort will offer childcare services during the LACNIC 31 event.

These services will be provided in two formats:

Barcy Club – Children aged 2 to 12

Children 2 to 12 will be received at the Barcy Club, the entertainment and childcare service offered by Barceló Bávaro Palace, the family hotel. These children will join the regular activities of the Barcy Club, supervised by entertainers assigned exclusively to the children of LACNIC 31 participants. Among others, their activities will include pool time, football, volleyball, arts and crafts, and treasure hunts. The tentative activity schedule is available here. This schedule is subject to change in case of rain.

The entertainers taking care of the children will provide a cell phone to each parent to be able to contact them. In addition, a WhatsApp group will be created with the participants whose children are using the service so that they can be in direct contact with the entertainers.

Babysitter Service – Children aged 6 months to 2 years

A special babysitter service will be provided in coordination with the Barcy Club for children 6 months to 2 years. This service will cover up to 20 hours a week per child. Parents interested in additional hours beyond these 20 must pay the additional cost and request the service directly from the Barceló hotel.

For this edition of the event, a maximum of 5 places will be available for the babysitter service. Places will be allocated until no more places are available.

Requirements for requesting the service and places available for participants not staying at the Barceló Complex.

Applications will be accepted until Friday 29 March, 23:59 UTC-3.

To request the service, the person responsible for the children must:

1. Be registered for the event.

2. Have a confirmed hotel reservation, which must be attached to the application form.

Parents interested in using the childcare services must be staying at the Barceló Bávaro Palace Hotel.

Limited places will be available for families staying outside the Barceló Complex. The cost of the child's daily access to the Barceló Complex (equivalent to USD 30.00) will be covered for a maximum of 10 children. Places will be allocated until no more places are available.

Once the form is complete, LACNIC will review each submission. Starting on Monday 11 March, applicants will receive confirmation of their acceptance. A waiting list will be created for services with limited availability:

We kindly request that parents who have submitted an application form but have decided not to use the service communicate this to LACNIC as soon as possible (by writing to so that their places can be allocated to other parents on the waiting list.