Interconnection and routing security

Monday, October 11, 2021

Tutorial description

This tutorial will analyze the basics, business relationships and technical aspects of Traffic Exchange, Peering, and CDNs. Some of the specific topics we will discuss include how, with whom and where to peer; what type of traffic exchange to use; how to analyze network traffic to make better interconnection decisions; where to register peering sites and policies, and best practices regarding the use of BGP in peering. This tutorial will also provide an overview of the latest tools and best practices in Internet routing security. Participants are expected to have prior knowledge of how BGP works.

Among others, the tutorial will address the following topics:

  • Internet traffic, CDNs, Eyeballs Networks

  • Private and public peering

  • IXPs: characteristics, types of agreements, forms of interconnection

  • An introduction to current Internet routing issues and ways to secure the BGP

  • RPKI: creation of ROAs, use, validation with the FORT validator

  • IRR: route(6) equivalence with ROAs, AS-SET, examples of utilization

  • Best practices for network operators and Internet exchange points. MANRS

Time UTC Title Instructors      Practical Material Presentation Video
18:05 Interconexión y ruteo seguro  Erika Vega   Presentation 
Guillermo Cicileo  
  Nicolás Antoniello  
  Santiago Aggio    
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