IPv6 Network Operation

Monday, October 11, 2021

Tutorial description

This tutorial will focus on IPv6-only networks, addressing the following topics:

  • General network architecture for ISPs and datacenters
  • IPv6-only datacenters and GNU/Linux server networking: technical and aspects and deployment
  • Applicable and required transition mechanisms for deploying an IPv6-only datacenter
  • Concurrent IPv6-only, NAT64/DNS64, 464xlat and SIIT-DC deployment to solve various service architecture requirements at the network level
  • Recommendations and best practices in IPv6 deployment, operational aspects that need to be considered
  • Practical demonstration of an IPv6-only datacenter with 464xlat and SIIT-DC
Time UTC Title Instructors    Presentation Video
14.00 NAT64/DNS64 Alejandro Acosta Presentation  https://youtu.be/6B_gr55pVn0
Mecanismo de Transición SIIT-DC José Cotúa Presentation
464xlat como técnica de transición v4/v6 para ISP's Uesley Correa Presentation

Kahoot challenge

Monday, October 11, 2021
17.50 (UTC)

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