LACNIC 35 - Welcome!

LACNIC 35 will be held online from 10 to 14 May.

LACNIC events provide a regional meeting space for multistakeholder dialogue, high-level technical training opportunities, and the discussion of the issues most relevant to the Internet community.
Among others, contents of the event will include tutorials on DNS, routing, and IPv6 network operation. The event will also include keynote presentations on various technical topics, the Public Policy Forum, the LAC Peering Forum, and the FIRST Conference.
To participate, you must have a Zoom account, as sessions will be held via this platform. If you don't have a Zoom account, you can create one here. As usual, transcription and simultaneous interpretation services into Spanish, English and Portuguese will be provided.
Just as during our face-to-face meetings, the LACNIC Community Code of Conduct will apply.

You are all invited to participate!