Jose Dominguez

José Domínguez, currently Director Information Security Services, Information Security Office at the University of Oregon. Responsible for Security Architecture, Solutions Design, Threat Defense, Vulnerability Management, Investigations and Digital Forensics, Security Monitoring and Intel Sharing for Incident Response. He previously served as Network Architect and Assistant Director for Network Engineering, and managed the Oregon Gigapop and the Oregon Internet Exchange which provided connectivity to Internet2 and commodity Internet. Over 25 years, José worked building secure networks and deploying emerging technologies in the educational sector and for service providers in the Dominican Republic, where he designed the first NREN initiative for the country, and in USA and other countries in Latin America.

José also works with the Network Startup Resource Center and the Escuela Latino Americana de Redes (EsLaRed) providing strategic training and technical advice to networking and security projects in emerging markets. Additionally, José has chaired program content committees at multiple Internet2, NWACC, WALC workshops and taught on Multicast, IPv6, Network Design and Internet Architecture, Network Monitoring and Management, Advanced Routing Techniques, BGP Security and many other topics at events such as LACNIC, Internet2/ESnet Joint-Techs and TechEx Meetings, and WALC workshops throughout the USA, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.