Hervey Allen

Assistant Director, Network Startup Resource Center

The NSRC provides technical information, engineering assistance, training, equipment, and educational materials to network operators at research and education institutions and Internet Service Providers in emerging regions. Over the past few years Hervey has done extensive organizing, coordinating and teaching in network workshops and tutorials covering topics such as network monitoring and management, Unix system administration, security best practices, DNSSEC, scalable network services, virtualization and campus network design. These workshops have been held in over 40 countries around the world and have been part of events such as APRICOT, APNIC, SANOG, AfNOG, PacNOG, WALC and multiple ccTLD trainings.

Before joining the NSRC Hervey graduated from the University of Oregon in Computer Science, and Pomona College in Los Angeles, California in History of Science. He has run and built help desks at Pomona College and the University of Oregon, was a Systems Engineer with Turbolinux, Inc. and worked with several non-profit organizations building their technical infrastructure. Hervey is a member of several coordinating and planning committees for larger Network Operator Group events, such as AfNOG, APRICOT PAcNOG and SANOG and is a Team Chair for the Supercomputing Help Desk group