Tutorial: Resource Management / Mi LACNIC

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Friday May 8, 2020

Time (UTC)

14.00 - 14.40



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Tutorial: Resource Management / Mi LACNIC

The main goal of this tutorial is for participants to gain an in-depth understanding of MiLACNIC's features and how to use them.

It has been designed for representatives of organizations that are already members of LACNIC and have been assigned IPv4 and/or IPv6 resources directly by LACNIC.

Participants who are technically responsible for a LACNIC member organization can log on MiLACNIC with their corresponding username and password.


Because LACNIC NIRs use a different platform, the material shown during the presentation is not available for members of organizations in Brazil and Mexico.

Time UTC   Instructors Presentation
14.00 Resource Management / Mi LACNIC Sergio Rojas
José Varela

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