LACNIC Technical Forum

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Wednesday May 6, 2020

Time (UTC)

14.00 - 18.50

LACNIC Technical Forum

The LACNIC Technical Forum is a space where the community can meet face-to-face during LACNIC events to share and discuss various topics. The forum includes top-level technical presentations on issues such as cybersecurity, IPv6, DNS, the Internet of Things, interconnection, network operation, regulation and others.

Time UTC   Speakers    Presentation
14.00 LACNIC Announcements Carolina Caeiro
Guillermo Cicileo
14.10 Peru: Microwave and Fiber Optic Transport Networks
and Radio Spectrum for the Deployment of 5G Networks
Javier More Presentation
14.30 Easy BGP monitoring with BGPalerter (English) Massimo Candela Presentation
14.50 Break    
15.00 De-bogonizing 2a10::/12 Agustín Formoso Presentation
15.20 The Road to Deployment: Network Time Security (English) Karen O'Donoghue  Presentation
15.30 Understanding the Cyber Threat Landscape -
NETSCOUT 4th Biannual Threat Report & 15th Annual WISR Survey (English)
Richard Hummel Presentation
15.50 Break    
17.00 Announcement of the Winner of the IPv6 Challenge Alejandro Acosta Presentation
17.10 Designing Optimal iBGP / MPLS Topologies for ANTEL's International Network Claudio Risso Presentation
17.30 Trends in RPKI Deployment (English) Tim Bruijnzeels Presentation
17.50 Break    
18.00 SHA-1 and Algorithm Rotation in DNSSEC Hugo Salgado Presentation
18.20 Alternative "Low-Cost" Solution for Controlling Volumetric Attacks in Latin America José Camargo Presentation
18.30 Closing of the LACNIC Technical Forum Carlos Martinez-Cagnazzo  

Transcriptions will be provided in Spanish, English and Portuguese*.

*Transcripts in languages other than the one used by the speaker are provided solely to support participants in their understanding of the presentations. They do not constitute evidence and should not be considered official versions.