Newcomers Session
  DNSSEC Tutorial - Part 1
DNSSEC Tutorial - Part 2
DNSSEC Tutorial - Part 3
DNSSEC Tutorial - Part 4
Instructor: Johan Ihren (Netnod), Berry A. W. van Halderen (NLNet)
  Tutorial: Advanced IPv6 - Part 1
Tutorial: Advanced IPv6 - Part 2
Tutorial: Advanced IPv6 - Part 3
Tutorial: Advanced IPv6 - Part 4

Instructors: Alejandro Acosta (LACNIC), Jordi Palet (Consulintel), Tomas Lynch(LACNOG) y Ariel Weher (LACNOG).
Room: Greco
  LACNIC 26-LACNOG 2016 Opening Ceremony
Walter Fernández (Member of the Board at NIC Costa Rica and Vice President of the National Academy of Sciences), Rogerio Mariano (Chairman of the LACNOG Board of Directors), Wardner Maia (Chairman of the LACNIC Board of Directors), Marcelo Jenkins Coronas (Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications of Costa Rica)
  Keynote Presentation: The Internet of Things
Carsten Bormann (Universität Bremen TZI)
  Panel: The Internet of Things: Are We Ready?
Panelist: Gabriel Montenegro (Microsoft), Inés Robles (IETF), Daniel Ríos (AT&T) Gonzalo Navarro (ALAI), Angélica Chinchilla (MICITT), Rosalía Morales (NIC Costa Rica)
Moderator: Oscar Robles (LACNIC)
  LAC-2016-2: IPv4 reserve pool for critical Internet infrastructure in the region
Edmundo Cazarez
  LAC-2016-3: Remove the reference to a provider's "multihomed or non-multihomed status"
Julião Braga
  LAC-2016-5: Modify the size of initial IPv6 allocations
Jordi Palet
  WHOIS Accuracy
Thomas L Walden (U.S. DEA)

This presentation discusses the challenges and issues that Public Safety and Law Enforcement agencies encounter while utilizing the WHOIS database in furtherance of their investigations.
  Collaborative Space for DNS (LACNIC-LACTLD-ISOC-LAC-IX)

Root Zone KSK Rollover Update
Carlos Martínez (LACNIC)

DNS Observatory Update
Hugo Salgado (NIC Chile)

LACTLD Anycast Cloud
Hugo Salgado (NIC Chile)

Joint Experiences ccTLDs and IXPs
Panel:Mauricio Oviedo (NIC.CR), Ignacio Velázquez (NIC.PY), Milton Kashiwakura (NIC.BR), Hernán Arcidiácono (LAC-IX)
Moderador: Carlos Martínez (LACNIC)

Root Server Deployment Initiatives in LAC - LACNIC - ICANN
Guillermo Cicileo (LACNIC)

Update on the OpenDNSSEC Project
Berry Van Halderen (NLNet Labs)
  LACNOG Opening Ceremony
LACNOG Program Committee
  Key Note Speaker: Engineer vs. Complexity
Russ White, LinkedIn
Alejandro Acosta, LACNIC
  How Are We Deploying IPv6?
Jordi Palet Martínez, Consulintel
Carlos Martínez, LACNIC
IPv6 Deployment and GDP
Alain Durand (ICANN)
Russ White, LinkedIn
Enrique Dávila, CISCO
  Brian Foust
José Miguel Guzmán, Whitestack
Anahí Rebatta, TeleGeography
  Monitoring VoIP Quality of Service at INMSM
Rossina Isabel Gonzales Calienes, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
  Implementing a Network Management System at Granma University
Manuel José Linares Álvaro, Universidad de Granma
Carlos M. Martínez, LACNIC
Nicolás Butler, LACNIC
Antonio Galvao de Rezende Filho,
Julimar Lunguinho Mendes,
Antonio Marcos Moreiras,
Owen DeLong, Akamai
  DDoS Attacks - Overview, Mitigation and Evolution
Wilson Rogerio Lopes, Itau
  Self-Learning Networks
Álvaro Retana, CISCO
  Hardware Security Module
Francisco Montoto, NICLabs
  Design, Construction and Commissioning of a Multi-Purpose Datacenter for the National University of Quilmes
Mariano Álvarezo, Universidad de Quilmes
  The Internet Ecosystem
Álvaro Retana, CISCO
  LAC Task Forces
Task Forces
  Update on IPv4 Exhaustion Phases
Sergio Rojas (LACNIC)
  NRO Update
Oscar Robles (LACNIC)
  IANA Functions' Stewardship Transition Wrap-Up

Oscar Robles (LACNIC)

This activity is the culmination of the work carried out by the entire Internet numbers community during the IANA functions' stewardship transition process. During the session, a video will be shown with the words of several members of the Internet community who were involved in the process, thus shaping a story that began in March 2014 with the announcement made by the US Government.
The session will end with a toast to mark the conclusion of this stage.