LAC-AAWG es un foro que convoca a operadores de red regionales y expertos en anti-abuso, a compartir sus principales preocupaciones relacionadas al uso abusivo de la infraestructura de Internet. Las actividades del grupo de trabajo están enfocadas a generar consciencia y fomentar la adopción de buenas prácticas, asi como también impulsar el desarrollo de recomendaciones y BCOPs.

Jueves 3 / Sala 7 / 14.00 - 18.00
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14.00 Working meeting for BCOP development:
"Minimum security requirements for CPEs acquisition"
16.30  GDPR Impact on Abuse Operations
Dennis Dayman

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is already turning privacy and compliance on its head throughout the world. Just because you don't do business directly in the EU, that doesn't mean GDPR won't impact your business or processes. The same goes in the security realm where we are already seeing negative impacts on security research where after GDPR security, threat researchers, and anti-abuse personnel will still need uninterrupted access to things like the full WHOIS directory. For the health and security of the internet failure to allow these professionals to access this data will only result in higher abuse rates, more harm inflicted on users and more criminal impunity on a global scale.
17.00 LAC-AAWG closed meeting (by invitation only)