Daily Recap - Thursday 31

Welcome to the fourth daily recap of the activities at LACNIC 20- LACNOG2013 "Committed to the future of the Internet" in Willemstad, Curaçao!

Thursday October 31st 2013, was opened with the keynote presentation by David Lemereis from 9:20-10:00 (Curaçao local time- UTC -4:00 hours). Lemereis, a freelance journalist, internet TV personality and a speaker, fascinated the audience with his frontline knowledge the latest scientific and technological developments. According to David the future is not tomorrow; the future is now. Science is advancing at such pace that it's no longer just about discovery but ever increasingly about scientific mastery. Video for this presentation will be available soon at LACNIC 20's YouTube channel. You can download the slides here: …

of LACNIC Annual Activities Report by Raul Echeberria. LACNIC Executive Director explained the current situation of LACNIC and all the activities held during this year.

At 10:15 am took place the second part of LACNIC Public Policy Forum.

Highlights of this meeting included:

  • Restfull WHOIS Presentation - Carlos Martínez, LACNIC.
  • RIR Updates.
  • RIPE Report - Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC
  • ARIN Report        
  • AfriNIC Report        
  • APNIC Report       
  • ASO Report- Ricardo Patara.
  • NRO Report - Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC.
  • IANA Report.
  • LAC-2012-08v3: Inter-RIR IPv4 addresses transfers - Edmundo Cazárez, NIC.mx.
  • LAC-2013-02: Principles Governing the Distribution of Number Resources - Ricardo Patara, NIC.br.
  • LAC-2012-01v3: Eliminate the use of the term "dial-up" - Ricardo Patara, NIC.br.
  • IPv4 Leasing - Juan Alejo Peirano, LACNIC.

After lunchtime, Carlos Martínez presented "Some considerations on log management for Incident Response ".  CNG technology makes it more difficult to track or log the services accessed by each network user.  With multiple users grouped on a single IP address, it is no longer enough to simply log that address – we must also log the port(s) of origin.

The National Network Operators Groups panel was held  in the Exhibition Hall (Speakers: Alex Ojeda, Hernán Seoane Alex Ojeda, NOG Chile, Hernán Seoane, Nicolas Antoniello, Ricardo Patara, Vicente De Luca).

LACNOG aims at promoting discussions among local operators so that each country's operational issues can be debated at internal level. The purpose of local NOGs is to create a community of operators within each country, a space for the technical community to get to know each other, share experiences, and eventually schedule regular meetings.

Following the coffee break, Fernando Gont caught the audience's eye with his presentation entitled "Past, Present, and Future of IPv6 Fragmentation and IPv6 Extension Headers". Gont, a security researcher and consultant at SI6 Networks (www.si6networks.com), led many of the current efforts in the area of IPv6 security improvements and best practices.

The day concluded in the Exhibition Hall, with a session in which Carlos Martinez- Research and Development Engineer at LACNIC presented "Exposing IPv6 Services using stateless NAT64".

We cordially invite you to join us tomorrow at 9 am (Curaçao local time) for the fifth day of LACNIC20- LACNOG 2013. If you want to get the latest news on this event please visit our website (eventos.lacnic.net/lacnic20) with live webcasts or follow us on twitter #LACNIC20 #LACNOG2013.

Stay tuned for our next daily recap!

Thank you for reading.
LACNIC's team.