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Daily Recaps

Welcome to the third daily recap of the activities at LACNIC 19 in Medellin, Colombia!

Tuesday 7th began this morning with these three LACNIC 19's parallel activities:

LACTLD Meeting
LACTLD's Fifth Policy Workshop began this morning with 20 member registries and 35 attendees partaking in the first morning session, where participants presented their current work agendas among their regional colleagues. Rodrigo de la Parra and Everton Lucero from ICANN elaborated on the main issues to be addressed in the Latin America and Caribbean region. Next came Venezuela's .ve and Guatemala's .gt registries sharing their experiences, and finally ICANN's Richard Lamb discussed the business and policy aspects of DNSSEC deployment.

LAC's Computer Security Incident Response Teams Meeting
Reaching its fourth edition, LAC's CSIRTs Meeting counted more than 25 participants from several countries in the region that were present on behalf of a wide array of organizations, including Internet Service Providers, academia and governmental groups.

Topics of interest for CSIRTs were discussed here, including OAS' work on cibersecurity, experiences in Brazil with spam management through port 25 and the recent service denial attacks that abused the DNS system.

Latin American IPv6 Forum (FLIP6)
Noted international experts took part in this forum, speaking about security, business cases, corporate and governmental networks, mobile broad band, success cases and transition techniques related to the new IPv6 protocol. The forum will resume its activities on Thursday 9th, from 9 to 10.30 in the morning.

At lunchtime, a new edition of LACNIC's "Women and IT" took place. This space within LACNIC events promotes networking and discussion on the participation of women in technology. Network and security expert Radia Perlman, here at LACNIC 19 as LACSEC's keynote speaker on Wednesday, shared her memories and experiences working in an environment mostly populated by men. Valeria Betancourt, policy director in Association for Progressive Communications (APC), shared different initiatives that seek to promote further participation of women in the digital sphere and eradicate online gender violence (more information at and Finally, Ana Palacios Cardona, head of the Medellin Digital programme, spoke about the experience of women trained at the Aulas Digitales (digital classrooms). Near 60 female LACNIC 19 attendees joined us for this meeting.

In the afternoon, the LACNIC Public Policy Forum was launched. Highlights of this meeting include:

1. Nicolás Antoniello's election as chair of the Public Policy Forum for another two years;

2. Vote on LACNIC CEO Raúl Echeberría's proposal: LAC-2012-13v2 - Modifying requirements for ASO AC nominees

Access to the full text of the proposal here: .
(The proposal reached consensus).

Finally, LACNIC's CEO announced that LACNIC 20/LACNOG 2013 will be held in Curaçao from October 27 to November 1st, 2013.

Join us tomorrow at 9 AM for the second part of the LACNIC Public Policy Forum, the LACTLD and LAC-IX meetings.

Stay tuned for our next daily recap!

LACNIC's team