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Daily Recaps

Welcome to the second daily recap of the activities at LACNIC 19 in Medellín, Colombia!

LACNIC 19's Opening Ceremony was held today, Monday May 6th 2013, at 2 PM (Medellín local time, UTC -5:00 hours). More than 400 attendees from 34 countries in the region and the rest of the world joined us in the Antioquia room, LACNIC 19's main venue at the Hotel Intercontinental. 

Speakers at this opening session were:

Diego Molano Vega, Minister of Information Technologies and Communications of Colombia; Oscar Messano, LACNIC's chairman; Eduardo Santoyo, LACTLD's President;  Genaro García, INTERNEXA's CEO; Raúl Echeberría, LACNIC's CEO; Carolina Aguerre, LACTLD's general manager; Ana Isabel Palacios, head of Medellín Digital; Aníbal Gaviria, on behalf Medellín's mayor; María Isabel Mejía, deputy secretary of Information Technologies of Colombia.

Molano Vega welcomed the audience to the "world's most innovative city", a title Medellín was awarded last year, and thanked LACNIC for inviting him to participate. "Go back to your countries and spread the word that something is going on here in Colombia". He also emphasized the developments of the current Vive Digital program.

Following the opening ceremony, the "General LACTLD/LACNIC Session: Internet Governance" panel was held, were the Internet Governance agenda for the next five years was discussed. The session was moderated by Eduardo Santoyo, LACTLD's president. The speakers were: Raúl Echeberría, LACNIC's CEO; Valeria Betancourt, director of the Information and Communication Policy Program, APC; Karel Elizabeth Ochoa Reyes, deputy director general for International Affairs, Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) and Iván Sánchez, Commissioner for CRC (Communications Regulatory Commission). The full video of this session will be available online at LACNIC 19's website and LACNIC 19's YouTube channel starting tomorrow, Tuesday 7th, after 7 PM local time. Also access the content of the presentation on the regional agenda for Internet governance here:

Finally, from 4.30 to 6 PM, the "General LACTLD/LACNIC Session: ICANN's Strategy for Latin America and the Caribbean" was held, moderated by Rodrigo de la Parra, ICANN's VP for Latin America & the Caribbean. The responsible body for the coordination of the global Internet's systems of unique identifiers explained its commitment and its will to work closer and directly with all the regions that participate in ICANN. Regarding Latin America and Caribbean specifically, the Strategic Plan for 2013-2016 was discussed. The exchange highlighted the opening of the regional headquarters, the "Casa de Internet de Latinoamérica y el Caribe" in Montevideo, Uruguay, which houses LACNIC, Internet Society (ISOC), Red Clara, LACTLD, AHCIET, LAC-IX, eCOMLAC. Oscar Robles, board member at LACNIC; Vanda Scartezini, Nomination Committee member at ICANN; Fátima Cambronero, LACRALO; Andrés Piazza, LACNIC's public relations officer; Celia Lerman, ICANN's GNSO and Eduardo Santoyo, LACTLD's president, took part in this panel.

The daily activities came to a closing with a welcome cocktail party at 7 PM. Attendees were invited to spend a relaxing and fun time among their regional colleagues at Medellín's Museum of Modern Art.

We invite you to join us tomorrow at  9 AM for the parallel activities: LACTLD's meeting, the opening of the Latin American IPv6 Forum (FLIP6) and the Security Assessment and Trouble-shooting of IPv6 Networks.

Stay tuned for our next daily recap!

Thank you for reading.
LACNIC's team.