Remote Participation Hubs

Seeking to promote in-person activities after they were affected by the pandemic and the ongoing difficulties travel presents even today, LACNIC has decided to support regional organizations interested in serving as remote participation hubs for the LACNIC 38 LACNOG 2022 event.

These hubs  are an excellent opportunity to bring together a group of members of the local technical community who are interested in participating in the LACNIC event remotely, while taking advantage of the sharing and networking opportunities that a face-to-face activity allows.

Organizations interested in setting up a hub will be responsible for the full management of the activity at the local level, always in compliance with the health regulations in force in each country. 

Subject to the presentation of a formal budget and its approval, LACNIC will provide the funds necessary to organize the activity (in full or in part). An additional 10% overhead will be added to the agreed budget for managing the activity. If selected, the organization will have to contract directly with any necessary providers, for which they must have the legal capacity to sign the corresponding agreements (be legally incorporated).

The team responsible for the hub must have everything necessary to connect the hub to LACNIC's transmission of the event, on a date and at a time to be specified. This has been designed as a full-day activity. Although LACNIC's technical staff may provide information on equipment and operational needs, each hub will be responsible for their operation and management.

As a reference, suggested elements for hosting a full-day hub for 35 to 50 participants  include:

  • 1 meeting room with capacity for 35 to 50 people (depending on the capacity limits in force in each location), set up in auditorium format.

Important: the room must be available for testing at least 1 day prior to the activity, including the actual equipment to be used.

Audiovisual and other equipment

  • Projection screen
  • Sound system
  • Zoom account (we recommend a Zoom license to create meetings that are independent from the LACNIC event. In case of participating as an attendee, a free account can be used.)
  • Computer to connect to the Zoom session for the LACNIC event (to be projected on the screen in the room for in-person participants)
  • Additional computer and Zoom user to transmit in-person participation at the hub
  • Audio and video equipment (microphones and cameras) with good video and sound quality
  • Stage setup (platform, furniture, podium, lighting, etc.) 


  • Internet connection with  sufficient bandwidth for the number of people and devices participating in the event. At least 20 megabits per second is suggested.
  • Wi-fi in the room. 

Catering for the day of the event

  • Two coffee breaks (for 35-50 people)
  • Lunch (for 35-50 people)

Registration (optional)

  • 1 Laptop computer.
  • Event badges / name tags
  • Staff for on-site participant registration

Note: participants must also register as a virtual participant through LACNIC's event registration system

Visual communication (optional)

  • Banners/signage for the event

Selection Criteria

The selection process will give priority to:

  • Organizations that are active in the LACNIC community
  • Organizations with experience in coordinating similar activities
  • Organizations that can bring together technical community participants 

Send application to

Deadline to apply: August 19, 2022.

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