LACNIC Podcast is a LACNIC initiative created for the purpose of disseminating Internet-related topics in a variety of voices

11 August 2021 - Support for National and Regional Internet Governance Initiatives (Spanish)
Internet Governance discussion spaces in the LAC region have evolved over time. Now, national and regional initiatives play a key role in promoting awareness on the topic. Within this framework, LACNIC's Lideres Program offers funding and mentorship to support research on select Internet governance issues. We discussed these topics with Kevon Swift (Head of Strategic Relations and Integration at LACNIC), Paula Oteguy (Strategic Relations Officer at LACNIC), and Raquel Gatto (Director of IDD LAC)

7 June 2021 - What you need to know to participate in the LACNIC Policy Development Process (Spanish)
We talk with Raisa Uribarri (Associate Researcher at the Center for Political and Social Studies), Ricardo Patara (Number Resource Manager at NIC.br), and Mariela Rocha (Policy and Training Coordinator at LACNIC) about the process for the creation and modification of the policies applied by LACNIC for the management of Internet resources in the region.

5 April 2021 - The Benefits of Adopting Agile Methodologies (Spanish)
We spoke with Sofía Silva, Product Manager at APNIC, the regional Internet address registry (RIR) for the Asia-Pacific region, on agile methodologies, how to apply them in our daily work, and the benefits of their adoption. She shared some tips to help us begin applying these methodologies in our work, whether in ICT sector or other areas.

8 March 2021 - Let's Talk about IPv6 Addressing Plans (Spanish)
Four IPv6 experts share their experiences in IPv6 implementation and addressing plans. With the participation of Enzo Picero, Fernando Alirio and Wilfredo Torres, and moderated by Alejandro Acosta.

16 November 2020 - Interview with Rafael "Lito" Ibarra (Spanish)
Known in El Salvador as the "Father of the Internet", Rafael Ibarra received the 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to Internet development and deployment in Latin America and the Caribbean. Don't miss this episode during which Lito talks about his work and experiences in multiple areas of the technical and academic communities and the ICT ecosystem of the LACNIC region.

7 October 2020 - Talking DNSSEC (Spanish)
Within the framework of the LACNIC 34-LACNOG 2020 event, Nicolás Antoniello and Carlos Martínez, discussed some of the key aspects of DNSSEC, a set of security extensions to the DNS protocol that allow cryptographically validating DNS server responses.

9 September 2020 - Evolution of Internet Governance Forums in Latin America and the Caribbean (English)
Learn about the evolution of Internet Governance Forums in Latin America and the Caribbean, and what that means for holistic Internet development in our region. With the participation of Kevon Swift, Head of Strategic Relations and Integration at LACNIC; Nigel Cassimire of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union, interim Secretary General of the CTU and chief convenor of the Caribbean Internet Governance Forum; Raúl Echeberría, former LACNIC CEO, former VP Global Stakeholder Engagement at the Internet Society (ISOC) and key personality behind the Regional Preparatory Meeting for the Internet Governance Forum - LACIGF and NETMundial ; Raquel Gatto, former advisor at NIC.BR - the administrator of the Brazilian country code top level domain, former senior Policy Manager at ISOC and 3-term MAG representative during the period 2017-2019.

Evolution of Internet Governance Forums in Latin America and the Caribbean - Part 1

Evolution of Internet Governance Forums in Latin America and the Caribbean - Part 2

2 August 2020 - FORT Project ? How to and Why Work in Routing Security (Spanish)
Learn about the FORT Project, an initiative of LACNIC and NIC.MX on routing security for a free and open Internet. This episode features Carolina Caeiro, Development Project Coordinator; Guillermo Cicileo, Head of Internet Infrastructure Research and Development; and Augusto Mathurin. More information about the project: https://fortproject.net/

30 June 2020 - The Internet During the Pandemic (Spanish)
Carlos Martínez (LACNIC CTO), Lía Solis (LACNOG General Manager), and Nicolás Antoniello (ICANN Technical Engagement Manager) discuss the role of the Internet during the pandemic.

7 April 2020 - IPv6 Deployment in LAC (Spanish)
In this episode, we interviewed Carlos Martínez and Alfredo Verderosa, CTO and Services Manager at LACNIC, respectively, who focused on the status of IPv6 deployment in the region of Latin America and Caribbean. More information and additional resources are available on our website: www.lacnic.net/despliegaIPv6

2 January 2020 - What is the LACNIC Technical Forum? (Spanish)
The LACNIC Technical Forum (LTF) is a space that is part of LACNIC's annual events. It was created for the international community to share their experiences, work and initiatives related to various technical aspects of a common topic: Internet development in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

10 December 2019 - Ayitic Goes Global (Spanish)
Ayitic Goes Global is an initiative of LACNIC and the IDRC which sought to increase Haitian women's access to employment by developing their digital capabilities and strengthening the Internet in the country.