Call for Nominations of Candidates for LACNIC´S Fiscal Commission and Electoral Commission Elections

Within the time frame established under the election schedule, the following candidates were nominated to fill a position on LACNIC's Fiscal Commission and two positions on LACNIC's Electoral Commission:

Fiscal Commission

Cassio Vecchiatti

Electoral Commission

Moacyr Francischetti Correa

Results of the elections held at the LACNIC 19 General Assembly (Medellin, Colombia) were as follows:

  • Cassio Vecchiatti was elected to the Fiscal Commission and will occupy this position until the 2016 elections.
  • The candidacy of Moacyr Francischetti Correa is rejected by the Assembly by a majority of votes (10 in favor 50 against and 50 abstentions, the rest of the attendees do not register their vote), leaving therefore in the position the outgoing member of the Electoral Commission José Enrique Díaz Jolly until the next election.


CandidateCountry of residence (article 20)Candidate's OrganizationName of the person nominating the candidate (membership contact)Organization of the person nominating the candidate
Cassio Vecchiatti Brasil Percival Henriques de Souza Associação Nacional para Inclusão Digital
Moacyr Francischetti Correa Brasil SPACnet Autonominación