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FRIDA is the Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean. This LACNIC initiative has been contributing to the development of the regional information society since 2004. The program provides funding as well as capacity building and networking opportunities to civil society organizations, enterprises, governments and universities seeking to unlock the potential of information and communications technology for the region’s development.

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The main goal of the +Raices project is the installation of anycast root server copies in various countries of the LACNIC region. By installing these servers at strategic locations throughout the region such as IXPs (Internet Exchange Points) and NAPs (Network Access Points), the project seeks to achieve greater resiliency for one of the Internet's most critical resources, the DNS. It provides redundancy and reduces criticality, allowing a better response in case of potential DDoS attacks or eventual infrastructure failures that could render certain root servers inoperative.

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Lifetime Achievement Award

The Board of Directors believes that, as part of LACNIC's mission to promote and facilitate collaboration within the region, and in support of LACNIC's commitment to the constant development of the Internet and the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean, it is important to honor for their achievements those individuals who have long devoted their efforts to forwarding these goals for the example they set for the rest of the community.

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FORT is a joint initiative by LACNIC and NIC.MX.

The goal of the project is to contribute to RPKI deployment as a means to render routing systems –a basic building block of Internet infrastructure– more secure and resilient. In turn, the project will contribute to preventing route hijacks and to exposing how vulnerabilities of the routing system impact on end-users’ ability to navigate the Internet freely and access information.

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