LACNIC Training Center

The LACNIC Training Center is a set of training initiatives designed to strengthen technical skills on various Internet-related topics through webinars and the LACNIC Campus.

The LACNIC Training Center offers the community continued support for the development of knowledge and the technical skills of network operators, educators, regulators, and governments throughout the region.

Our Training Center instructors are constantly updating their knowledge to aid in the implementation of new Internet resource related technologies, including IPv6, cybersecurity, IXPs, RPKI, DNSSEC and others.

The Center offers training and learning support in different formats to suit the Internet community's needs and ensure the accessibility and continuity of learning opportunities in the region.


The LACNIC Campus, a learning platform offering various courses which can be completed online, was launched in early 2015.

To access these courses you must previously register on the platform.

The following courses are currently available:

  • Basic IPv6 (English and Spanish)
  • Advanced IPv6 (Spanish)
  • IPv6 in Last-Mile Networks (Spanish)
  • Fundamentals of BGP and Introduction to RPKI (Spanish)
  • Introduction to Network Security (Spanish)
  • Introduction to Network Management (Spanish)
  • Introduction to Internet Governance in LAC (Spanish)

For more information on these courses, go to:



The Webinars are online meetings about different topics of interest for the community of our region such as: IPv6, Security, Internet Governance, Routing, among others.

Usually a Webinar is made approximately once a month and you can access the recording to watch it if you could not attend.

To stay informed about the next Webinars and access the recordings of the Webinars made this year, access the following link:

In-person Workshops

LACNIC's in-person workshops are always organized with the support of a local co-organizer. These workshops are usually held over one to three days, depending on the needs and availability of both parties.

Workshop participants have the chance to attend presentations and conduct hands-on exercises where they implement the new knowledge they have acquired. The workshop has an associated cost and the themes of the workshop are tailored according to the needs of the applicant.

These activities focus on: IPv6, BGP, DNSSec, IXP, RPKI and other topics.


Amparo Workshop

A program that seeks to increase computer security incident response capabilities through applied research initiatives, promoting CSIRT creation, providing training at regional level, and generating collaboration opportunities, among other activities.