Daily Recap - Wednesday 30

Welcome to the third daily recap of the activities at LACNIC 20- LACNOG2013
"Committed to the future of the Internet" in Willemstad, Curaçao!

Wednesday October 30th began with these LACNIC 20's parallel activities;

LAC-IX  Meeting

LAC-IX , the meeting of the Internet Traffic Exchange Point Operators that promotes networking in the LAC region, was held at Datu Room from 9:00- 13.00 (Curaçao local time).  Some of their targets are to increase the Internet Traffic in the region and support governments on policies, statistics related to Internet exchange traffic.  

Internet Governance Session

This session, presented by Raúl Echeberría- LACNIC's Executive Director, took place at the Exhibition Hall from 9:00- 10.30 am (Curacao local time- UTC -4:00 hours) . One of most relevant aims of the gathering was to strength the participation of all stakeholders in Internet Governance in the face of proposals to increase government control.

Nowadays, Internet Governance is taking a relevant place due to the recent and historical events that have just happened such as the Montevideo Statement. This document summarizes the point of view of ten leaders of the organizations responsible for coordination of the Internet technical infrastructure globally to consider current issues affecting the future of the Internet.

Echeberria explained the previous happenings related to Internet Governance and some of the new mechanisms in this field such as the Internet Governance Forum or the Multistakeholder Advisory Group, which have increased the participation of stakeholders in the international agenda.

After these activities, the LACNIC Public Policy Forum was held. Highly relevant presentations were made and policy proposals were discussed in relation to the IPv4 exhaustion process.

Highlights of this forum included:

  • Opening ceremony and presentation of the general program by Nicolás Antoniello and Max Larson
  • Moderators report
  • Description of the policy development process
  • IANA report, presented by Elise Gerich
  • IPv4 exhaustion.  A vision towards a new Internet, by Arturo Servín.
  • Registration Services Processes during IPv4 Exhaustion, by Juan Alejo Peirano, LACNIC
  • LAC-2013-03 Adapting the allocation / assignment policy for IPv4 exhaustion - Carlos Plasencia, BT.

The afternoon session opened with a keynote presentation, Best Current Operational Practices, by Jan Zorz of the Internet Society.  The Internet Society is engaged in talking to different Network Operators¹ Groups (NOGs) and trying to help them start regional Best Current Operational Practices (BCOP) efforts and activities. Encouraging these regional NOGs to document how they run their networks and deploy these new technologies.

Then, from 3:00-3:30 pm, it was the LACNOG working groups panel's turn (Guillermo Cicileo, Arturo Servin, Alvaro Retana). In 2013, several working groups focusing on specific tasks began operating within LACNOG. The panel will feature those responsible for each working group, who will describe their objectives, participation mechanisms, and contributions to the community. New working groups scheduled to begin working will also be announced.

After this session there were two presentations: IX Update, by Job Witteman (AMS-IX CEO), and The New GTLDs – ISPs at ICANN, by Tony Harris.

Next, Julimar Lunguinho Mendes, presented PTT.br's Quarentine System . The presentation described the quarantine system used for activation and support testing at PTT.br. The idea is to keep incorrect configurations and traffic from affecting active participants and to allow troubleshooting the problems of participants already in operation, maintaining the current structure's safety.

Finally, Francisco Minervini- Ministry of Communications of Brazil, Paul Scott -  Columbus and Nico Scheper presented New Submarine Cables panel. The panel has presented projects for deploying new submarine cables in our region.

Wednesday closed on a high note with a social event in Fort Nassau Curaçao http://www.fortnassau.com/

We cordially invite you to join us tomorrow at 9 am (Curaçao local time) for the fourth day of LACNIC20- LACNOG 2013. If you want to get the latest news on this event please visit our website (eventos.lacnic.net/lacnic20) with live webcasts or follow us on twitter #LACNIC20 #LACNOG2013.

Stay tuned for our next daily recap!

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