Update your contact details

A) organizations that have never Updated their entity´s Information

The following update process is required for all those entities that have Internet resources (IP blocks and ASN) and were registered at ARIN prior to the creation of LACNIC.

This procedure will only be carried out once, with the aim of adapting the information to the format of LACNIC's database. Those organizations that have received their resources directly from LACNIC are not required to perform this update.

Important: If you do not yet have a user identification or "UserId" in LACNIC's system, you should complete the following form. (The user Id is necessary to access the system and therefore to perform the update process.) We remind you that those "UserId's" that end in "-ARIN" (for example, "xxx-ARIN" are not valid on our system.

User Registration Form

E-mail hostmaster@lacnic.net requesting a password for the update. With this password you will be able to associate your entity's "OwnerId" with your "UserId." In this e-mail you should specify your "UserId" and your organization's Internet resource (IP block or ASN).

After receiving the password from hostmaster@lacnic.net, please go to: http://lacnic.net/login, entering your user identification or "UserId" and your personal password to access the system.

Click on "Entity Update"

Enter your organization's "OwnerId" and the password for the update (sent by hostmaster@lacnic).

Update and complete the required information.

Click on "Enter" at the bottom of the page.

Return to the initial page by clicking on the name of the Entity if you wish to change each resource's technical contact. Otherwise the administrative contact will also remain as the resource's technical contact.

B) Organizations that wish to Assign or change the points of Contact.

Important: Before beginning the update process, your organization's three points of contact (administrative contact, contact for collection and membership contact) must have their valid "UserId" on LACNIC's system. If they do not, they should register as users at:


The only person authorized to make changes or enter new information is the "administrative contact." If you have forgotten your "UserId," please go to our website:


In the "WHOIS" field, enter the number of your IP block or your company's identification, "OwnerId." As a result you will access, among other information, the name of the person who is registered as your entity's administrative contact. If you do not remember you personal password, enter any password and then click on "reminder" in order to receive help. You will only be able to enter the system with your "UserId" and personal password.

Enter the system:

http://lacnic.net/login with your "UserId" and password.

Click on the name of the Entity.

On the following page, under the title " Information about Entity Contact Person," enter the user identification (*Id) of each one of the Contacts (administrative contact, billing contact and membership contact) and click on "ENTER." This completes the assignment of the contacts.

* The "UserId" was assigned to each person at the time of their first registration. You must know these Ids to be able to assign that person as a contact. If the "UserId" is not available, you can perform a search by entering each person's name and last name or e-mail. The search will provide the information corresponding to each particular registered user: name, e-mail and Id. Click on Id to assign that person as contact.

In case of doubt, or if you have any question relating to the date update process, please contact: hostmaster@lacnic.net

Or call us at: (+598 2) 604 22 22

For more information about IP block and ASN administration, please visit our website at: http://www.lacnic.net/en/web/lacnic/guia-de-sistema