Revocation of Internet Resources allocation

Internet resources (ASN, IPv4, IPv6) assigned or allocated by LACNIC must comply with the requirements set forth in the registration service agreement signed between LACNIC and the receiving organization.

LACNIC reserves the right to revoke Internet resource assignments or allocations in accordance with the provisions of its resource recovery policy, LAC-2009-06:

Reasons why LACNIC may initiate the resource recovery process include:

  • Lack of visibility of the resource on the global routing table.
  • Breach of LACNIC policies.
  • Breach of the provisions of the registration service agreement (such as failure to pay renovation and maintenance fees) or other legal agreements between the organization holding the resource and LACNIC or one of its NIRs.
  • Evidence that an organization has disappeared and its blocks have not been transferred.
  • Unauthorized transfers under the provisions of the policies.

Resources under process of recovery

In accordance with resource recovery policy LAC-2009-06 approved during the Public Policy Forum held at the LACNIC XII meeting in Panama, the list of resources covered by one of the conditions specified in the policy and therefore subject to recovery shall be published for a period of three months.

We remind you that according to this policy the organizations that hold these resources and wish to rectify the situation may do so by writing to

Resources under process of recovery - NIRs

Type of resource Resource Publication Date Resource recovery date NIR

There are not resources in recovery process.

Recovered resources

The following is the updated list of Internet resources that have already been recovered.

If you have any question regarding these resources please contact: