Recognition of LACNIC

9) Record Keeping

LACNIC declares it will maintain proper records of all registry activities, including the archiving of all information collected from LIRs in the process of making IP address space assignments. This data will be used for the evaluation of subsequent requests from the same customers and to permit the operational audit of LACNIC operations, in order to demonstrate responsible and neutral operations.

LACNIC official registration language will be English.

Therefore all the relevant archives and records which may be subject to frequent review by other RIRs, IANA or ICANN will be available at all times in English. Any other information that may be required for operational audit of LACNIC procedures will be provided in English within 10 working days.

LACNIC proposes to make the following auditable procedures for registry record keeping in English, by means of:

  • LACNIC Website
  • Policies
  • Bylaws
  • Annual reports
  • Whois DB
  • Templates
  • Financial documents
  • Board meeting minutes
  • Public meeting minutes


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