Recognition of LACNIC

5. Technical expertise

LACNIC is clearly technically capable of providing the required allocation and registration services to our community. Specific technical requirements include the following provisioning:

  • Production grade global Internet connectivity, in order to provide access to all services offered, and for the exchange of registry data to and from the other RIR whois database servers.
  • DNS servers to support reverse DNS delegation.
  • Suitable internal infrastructure for operational purposes for technically capable staff to ensure appropriate service levels to the LIR and to the Internet community.

The above points are illustrated in hereunder:

Software for the registry services, information and publication of reverse DNS, based on objects with persistence technology maintained in a relational database with SQL interface. All the software works on open operating systems (OS).

The teams who handle operations, user helpdesk and engineering are technical personnel, highly qualified by extensive experience in the administration of Internet resources. (See Resumes in ANNEX V).

  • Connectivity
    LACNIC Connectivity
  • Hardware and Software

    Hardware based on Intel technology with physical redundancies for all the services.

  • Technical Profile
  • Operations Organizational Chart
    LACNIC Connectivity

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