Recognition of LACNIC

3) Bottomup selfgovernance structure for setting local policies.

LACNIC has clearly documented defined procedures for the development of resource management policies.

LACNIC has developed and will develop their policies by means of the following proceedings in order to ensure a participative and open environment:

  • An annual meeting will be held with free and open participation, wherein policies will be discussed. The meeting will also feature educational activities on related subjects that have to do with LACNIC.
  • Annual national meetings will be organized for the discussion of policies, at least in those countries with significant usage of IP addresses.
  • Marketing activities will be undertaken in order to stimulate participation of the region ISPs in the processes of discussing policies.
  • There will be active mailing lists for the discussion of publicly filed policies, with free access.
  • There will be public libraries available on the Internet containing the policy documents.

It should be mentioned, at this point, that LACNIC has already organized a promotional event under the name of LACNIC 2000, which brought together a number of Internet stakeholders in the region.

The policies will be framed within the general objectives of IP registry systems, especially with regards to the conservation of IP address space, and the aggregation of routing information. These are and will be based on the internationally established standards, currently on documents such as RFC 2050 and the ASO MoU and the ICANN ICP2.

LACNIC considers itself able to assume responsibility for organizing the "Address Council General Assembly" in the region. As proof of the capability of LACNIC founding members to organize high level international events, we can mention:

  1. ICANN Meeting (Montevideo, 2001)
  2. ENRED Workshop, Walc 2001 (Venezuela, 2001)
  3. II Latin American Electronic Commerce Summit (Buenos Aires, 2001)
  4. LACNIC 2000 (Buenos Aires, 2000)
  5. AHCIET III Regulation Summit (Mexico, 2000)
  6. Internet AHCIET 2000 Forum (Santiago, 2000)
  7. Internet AHCIET Commission Workshop (Santiago, 2000)
  8. ENRED Workshop, Walc 2000 (Mexico, 2000)
  9. I Latin American Electronic Commerce Summit (São Paulo, 2000)
  10. ICANN Meeting (Santiago, 1999)
  11. Internet AHCIET 1999 Forum (Buenos Aires, 1999)
  12. Internet AHCIET Commission Workshop (Buenos Aires, 1999)
  13. ENRED Workshop, Walc 99 (Venezuela, 1999)
  14. IFWP Latin America Meeting (Buenos Aires, 1998)
  15. ENRED Workshop, Walc 98 (Rio de Janeiro, 1998)


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