Membership Fees

ISP Membership

Category IPv4 Resource Prefix IPv6 Resource Prefix Initial Fee USD Renewal Fee USD Payment before expiration (*) Payment 30 days after expiration (**)
Small/Micro Smaller than a/20 Non-existent 1.000 1.000 900 1.100
Small Greater than or equal to a /20 up to and incluiding a /19 Up to and incluiding a /32 2.100 2.100 1.890 2.310
Medium Greater than /19 and smaller than a /16 Greater than a /32 and smaller than a /30 5.700 5.700 5.130 6.270
Large Greater than or equal to a /16 and smaller than a /14 Greater than or equal to a /30 and smaller than a /28 14.000 14.000 12.600 15.400
Extra-Large Greater than or equal to a /14 and smaller than a /11 Greater than or equal to a /28 smaller than a /26 28.000 28.000 25.200 30.800
Mayor Greater than or equal to a /11 Greater than or equal to a /26 40.000 40.000 36.000 44.000

** As of August 1st 2010, by decree of LACNIC's Board of Directors, recorded in the minutes of June 8th 2010, a 10% surcharge will be applyed to invoices that have a backlog of more than 30 days overdue.

Members who, based on the IPv4 resources they have been assigned, are classified in the Small/Micro categories and request an initial assignment of IPv6 resources (/32) will not change their membership category, i.e., for billing purposes they will remain in the Small/Minor category.

Please remember that the waiver of IPv6 assignment fees will remain in force until 1st July 2013.


End User Membership

Initial size Assignement free (USD) Renewal fee (USD)

IPv4: From a /24 up to and incluiding a /19

IPv6: From a /48 up to and incluiding a /35

2.500 600

IPv6: Greater than a  /19 up to and incluiding a /16

IPv6: Greater than a /35 up to and incluiding a /32

5.000 each /16 (IPv4) or /32 (IPv6) assignment  

Renewal Fee:

End users must pay an annual membership fee of US$ 600 regardless of the number of IPv4 or IPv6 addresses they have been assigned.

Non-Profit Organizations:

Non government, non-profit organizations that in the opinion of LACNIC are considered to be End Users will have a 50% discount on both initial and annual membership renewal fees. Discounts will only apply if the resources are or will be used for non-profit services.


Active "B" Members

  Initial Fee (USD) Renewal Fee (USD)
Active B members 600 600

The annual membership fee for organizations with no resources assigned by LACNIC is US$ 600. Organizations having IPv4 and/or IPv6 resources will automatically be considered LACNIC members and, as such, will not be required to pay this annual membership fee but only the renewal fee corresponding to their membership category.

Organizations holding resources provided by ARIN must sign LACNIC's Registration Services Agreement.


Adhering Members

  Initial Fee (USD) Renewal Fee (USD)
Adhering Member 600 600



  Cost (USD)
ASN 1000

Note: Organizations holding only Autonomous System Numbers (ASN) assigned by LACNIC and wishing to apply for membership must complete the Membership Application Form and pay a US$ 600 annual membership fee.

The annual renewal of ASN assignments is not subject to any fees.

This page describes initial assignment and renewal fees for different Internet resources and member categories. In order to be assigned the requested resources, the organization must complete the initial payment and sign the Registration Services Agreement.


Membership Fees

Once a year, on the anniversary of the corresponding assignment, LACNIC will charge an annual renewal fee according to the category of the organization as specified below. LACNIC will email the invoice two months in advance of the anniversary date. Payments made within the period beginning on the date that the invoice is issued and ending on the anniversary date will receive a 10% discount. This discount will only apply to payments made for the renewal of IP address blocks allocated to ISP members. Thirty days after the due date a 10% surcharge will be imposed on the amount payable.

LACNIC's ISP members must pay the annual membership fees corresponding to the highest category to which they belong according to the number of IPv4 or IPv6 addresses they have been assigned.

By resolution of LACNIC's Board of Directors, if an additional allocation to an ISP member results in a change of category, a complementary invoice will be issued for the amount corresponding to the difference in rates between the current category and the new category for the months remaining until their next anniversary date.

If you have any other question or doubt, please contact

IMPORTANT: Membership renewal depends solely on the payment of the annual maintenance fee; failure to pay this fee may result in cancellation of the service.

By resolution of the Member Assembly held on 10 May 2012:

"The Assembly decides to extend until July 1st, 2013 the exemption of payment of IPv6 fees agreed during the Ordinary Member Assembly held on May 28th, 2009 in the city of Panama (paragraphs 2 and 3, subsection 4 of the Agenda)."

The full text of the resolution dated 05/28/2009 is available at:
Establishment of Membership Fees.


Transfer Fees

By resolution of LACNIC's Board of Directors, IP address and ASN transfers are free of charge applying the article of the Lacnic Policy manual.

IP addresses transferred to an ISP member will be added to the total address space already assigned to that ISP. The renewal fee will be determined according to the new size of the corresponding address block.

Before requesting a transfer you should review LACNIC's resource transfer policies (IP blocks and/or ASNs). Article and of the LACNIC Policy Manual or Transfers section.