Chapter 6

The President


The President or whoever replaces him according to the bylaws must:

  1. Represent LACNIC;

  2. Call for Assemblies and convoke the Board meetings and preside over them;

  3. He will have voting rights in the Board meetings equally with other Board members, and, in the event of a tied vote, will vote again to break the tie;

  4. He will sign the acts of the Assembly and the Board, all correspondence and LACNIC documents, jointly with the Secretary;

  5. He will, jointly with the Treasurer, authorize the expenditure accounts, signing the receipts and other Treasury documents as resolved by the Board. He will not allow the social funds to be invested in anything foreign to these bylaws;

  6. Direct discussions, suspend and terminate Board meetings and Assemblies when these get out of order and disrespect is shown;

  7. Oversee the evolution and administration of LACNIC, abiding by the bylaws, regulations and resolutions of the Assemblies and the Board, and ensuring these are respected;

  8. Punish any employee who does not fulfill his (her) obligations and adopt resolutions in unforeseen circumstances. In both cases these will be "ad referendum" of the next Board meeting.