LACNIC is managed and administrated by an honorary Board of Directors made up of seven members. This Board is in charge of the organization's political representation and is directly responsible for resource administration.

LACNIC's Board of Directors is representative of the organization's members, as Directors are elected directly by member vote.

As of January 2016, the LACNIC Board is made up as follows:

Name Position Country of Residence Term Ends
Wardner Maia President Brasil December 2016
Oscar Messano Vicepresident Argentina December 2017
Hartmut Glaser Treasurer Brasil December 2018
Alejandro Guzmán Deputy Treasurer Colombia December 2018
Javier Salazar Secretary México December 2016
Gabriel Adonaylo Deputy Secretary Argentina December 2017
Rafael Ibarra Vocal El Salvador December 2018
Oscar Robles Garay Executive Director Uruguay *

* LACNIC's Executive Director participates in the Board of Directors meetings with rights equivalent to those of a director, but without the right to vote.

Oscar Messano


Oscar A. Messano is an entrepreneur who has been actively involved in information and communication technologies for more than thirty years.

Business activities: President of Internaccional Access, a telecommunications consulting firm; Director of Tecnomedia, a multimedia company.

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Hartmut Richard Glaser


Executive Secretary of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee,

Professor Hartmut Richard Glaser is currently serving as Executive Secretary of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee,, a multistakeholder organization responsible for all Internet activities in Brazil that is in charge of coordinating the following activities...

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Alejandro Guzmán Giraldo


Content Distribution Manager for Latin America at Google, Alejandro leads the area in charge of planning, negotiation and management of projects relating to the development of content distribution infrastructure in Latin America.

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Javier Salazar


Javier Salazar was born in 1969 in Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico. He obtained his degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in May 1990 and a Masters degree in Computer Sciences from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon in 2006.

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Rafael Ibarra

El Salvador

Better known as Lito, Rafael Ibarra was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, in 1957. He holds professional degrees in Electrical Engineering and Business Administration, as well as a graduate degree in New Information and Communication Technologies.

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Wardner Maia


Wardner Maia is an Electrical Engineer specializing in Electronics and Electrotechnics, a degree he obtained from the Educational Foundation of Barretos, with graduate studies at the Federal University of Santa Catarina and a Masters degree from the Polytechnic School of the USP. He has various specializations in the area of telecommunications and, more specifically, since 1995 he has been working on telecommunications applications with a focus on Information Technologies.

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Gabriel Adonaylo


Senior Executive with 20 years of experience in the telecom & IT industry, renowned career and reputation within that field in LatAm.

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