Fiscal Commission

The Fiscal Commission is LACNIC's control organ. It is in charge of supervising that all accounting and administrative standards are met and overseeing compliance with LACNIC's legal and statutory framework.

Name Country Term
Hernán José Arcidiácono Argetina 2017 Election - until 2020 Election
Adriana Ibarra Mexico 2015 Election - until 2018 Election
Aristóteles Dantas Gaudêncio Brasil 2016 Election - until 2019 Election


Hernán José Arcidiácono


Hernán Arcidiácono has a degree in Electronics Engineering from Argentina's National Technological University as well as a Masters degree in Business Administration.

Throughout his professional career he has served in different management positions in various Internet service providers and data centers. Since 2013, he is Director of Technology and Operations at IPLAN, a company he joined in the year 2000.

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Adriana Ibarra


An attorney specializing in intellectual property and electronic media, Adriana completed her law degree and her Master's degree in International Commercial Law at the Monterrey Institute of Technology, Monterrey Campus, Mexico.

Aristóteles Dantas Gaudêncio


Aristóteles Dantas Gaudêncio, Brazilian, married, father of four children, born in São João do Rio do Peixe (Paraiba) on 2 December 1978. He holds a degree in Law and Social Sciences from the School of Philosophy

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