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Guillermo Cicileo


Guillermo Cicileo is currently General Coordinator of RIU, the network of Argentine national universities. He has been a part of the FLIP6 (Latin American IPv6 Forum) Evaluation Committee since 2007.

He actively participated in the creation of CLARA (the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks ) and was a member of the project's initial Technical Commission. He was then in charge of coordinating CLARA's Multicast Working Group from 2005 to 2008 and a member of the IPv6 and Advanced Routing Working Groups. He has also participated as an instructor in the advanced routing workshops organized by CLARA, providing training on multicast, IPv6, BGP and other subjects.

He has been involved in LACNIC since its creation, participating in its working groups, in LACNIC's Public Policy Forum and in the network operators meetings (LACNOG), as well as in the most relevant regional Internet-related meetings, forums and mailing lists.

Prior to this, he was deputy director of the RETINA network where he was in charge of the Operations and New Technologies departments. His activities included implementing native IPv6 for the network, both its international connectivity as well as its deployment at national level.

He co-authored the book "IPv6 for All" (a project funded by the Internet Society, Argentina Chapter), which has been printed in several languages and distributed not only in Latin America but also in other regions.

His work has been linked to national and international scientific and academic networks, areas with which he has been involved for more than 15 years. His professional background includes leading the first Argentine connection to Internet2 and Advanced Networks, as well as the country's incorporation to RedCLARA.