Electoral Commission

Alejandro Acosta


Alejandro Acosta has a degree in Computer Science from the Nueva Esparta University, Venezuela (1995-2001) and a master's degree in Information Technology Management also from the Nueva Esparta University.

Alejandro is currently Technology Support Manager at British Telecom Venezuela. He is a member of LACNIC's Electoral Commission and President of LAC-TF (the IPv6 Task Force). He coordinates the annual meeting of the Latin American IPv6 Forum and moderates the Latin American IPv6 Task Force mailing list. He also is Professor of TCP/IP at the Nueva Esparta University, a course for 9th semester students.

During the past 5 years Alejandro has participated in various events including LACNIC, LACNOG and IETF meetings. He has obtained various certifications, including IPv6 Sage Certified (Hurricane Electric, November 10) and Novell Certified Linux Administrator (Novell CLA, February 2010), among many others.

He has also written several articles for the following magazines: Digital Wedding, IT Manager, and Business Technology.

Alejandro is a member of LACNIC, IETF and the Venezuelan Linux User Group.