Technology and Governance for an Open and Secure Internet


If you are already registered in the system, you may log in with your username and password and register for the meeting at:

Please remember, you must check (with your cursor over the name of the activity) the activities in which you wish to participate and confirm to finish the registration process.

If you don´t have a user id, you should access the link above and proceed to create your user ID and then register for the meeting.

NOTE: If your organization has resources from Lacnic, and you are one of technical, billing or membership contacts for the address blocks or ASN of your organization, you can enter the system with your userID.

Registration fee and payment

The registration fee for Lacnic 19 is USD 300 (Three hundred American Dollars). You may register and pay online with credit or debit card. Special discount is USD 250 (Two hundred and fifty American Dollars) available if you register and make your payment by April 15th. You may also make your payment (no special discount) at the meeting´s registration desk where cash only is accepted. The registration fee includes the cost of attending the social events and meals offered by Lacnic.

The meeting is free of charge for organizations that are Lacnic members. Two people representing each organization may attend the meeting free of charge.

(Lacnic members are those organizations with IP addresses allocated directly by Lacnic or through the National Internet Registries).

Speakers, invited guests, sponsors, and staff members from RIRs and ICANN are also free of charge.

To proceed with online payment by credit or debit card, once registered for the event, click on "Online Payment" and follow the procedure.



General Participant

USD 300

USD 250 (by April 15th)

LACNIC members (up to 2 persons), Speakers, Invited Guests, *Sponsors, Staff members of ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC, RIPE NCC, AFRINIC, ICANN.



*Sponsors: Depending on the sponsorship category, a limited number of people will be free of charge to attend the meeting.