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Daily Recaps

Welcome to the fouth daily recap of the activities at LACNIC 19 in Medellin, Colombia!

This Wednesday morning, May 8th, three of LACNIC 19's parallel activities took place:

LACNIC Public Policy Forum (continued)

Highlights were:

1. The election of Jorge Villa (Cuba) as LACNIC Representative to the ASO AC was announced.

2. The following policy proposal resulted as follows:

lac-2012-08v3 Transferring IPv4 addresses between different regions – No consensus, returns to the list for further discussion.

lac-2012-11v2 Requirement to sign up for RPKI when requesting additional resources – Withdrawn by the author.

LAC-IX Meeting (Internet Traffic Exchange Point Operators)

During this meeting, which was held during the morning, 10 operators shared experiences and new initiatives for the strengthening Internet Traffic Exchange Points in the LAC region. 

LACTLD Meeting (continued)

Registry security was the main topic today at the LACTLD Meeting. The issue was approached from a multidimensional perspective with presentations on  .CO and .BR, as well as a DNS security, stability and flexibility panel from registries' point of view. This panel had representatives from .PE (Rolando Toledo), .MX (Oscar Robles), .DE (Jörg Schweiger), .US (Fernando España), .CO (Eduardo Santoyo), .BR (Frederico Neves) as participants. Also, there were presentations on different experiences and tools related to domain name incidents and threats. Organizations such as ISOC, PCH, OAS Cybersecurity Programme and LACNIC also participated and developed their work programmes related to registries.

Wednesday's top event at LACINC 19 was the agreement signed between LACNIC and the Organization of American States (OAS) through the Multidimensinal Security Secretary (SSM), which strengthens initiatives from both organizations in the development of cybersecurity in the Americas. The full press release on this agreement can be read here.

Finally, the afternoon activities at LACNIC 19 had a high point with Radia Perlman's keynote presentation "The Internet: Myths, Missteps, and Mysteries", at the Network Security Forum – LACSEC. Radia Perlman is a Fellow at Intel Labs, specializing on network protocols and security protocols. Her basic philosophy on network design is that things "should just work" without need for configuration. Several of the technologies she designed have been used in the Internet for decades. Video for this presentation will be available soon at LACNIC 19's YouTube channel. You can download the slides here:

Wednesday came to a close with LACNIC 19's social event at Medellín's Botanical Gardens.

Join us tomorrow for more FLIP-6, LACSEC, the Public Policy Forum, LAC's Internet Traffic Exchange and the Lacnic Member Assembly.

Stay tuned for our next daily recap!

Thank you for reading.

LACNIC's team.